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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

38 years old, husband 41, 50 mg Clomid 2nd cycle

First of all if YOU are reading this please know moments before submitting my BFP story I prayed a special prayer just for YOU. I pray that you too will get your BFP soon and that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and a chubby little baby in the end of all of this. <3<3<3 Because reading every little juicy detail of your TTC journey helped me, I decided to note down as much as I could remember, here you go: I am 38 years old and my husband is 41. My little boy just turned two on November 6. (I was 35 years old when I got pregnant with him, TTC naturally for 4 months, on vacation and bammmm BFP) I stopped breastfeeding when he was 21 months (OB/GYN said need to stop if TTC, messing with my hormones, making ovaries sluggish and my advanced age didn't help things) So my cycles have always been regular every 24-26. After my little boy turned a year AF returned and has been regular. -----CLOMID first cycle BFN -------- I did 50mg Clomid on CD 3-7, Day 21 Progesterone 7.98, and did Progesterone pills ORALLY 200mg at 3 DPO. AF returned CD30. ------CLOMID second cycle BFP--------- CD 1 - October 21, 2015 - Start of AF, heavy and clumpy tissue like bloody discharge, (called dr, worried of clumps- said normal with clomid from prior month) CD 2 - Started Clomid - 50 mg (my doctor wanted me to do Clomid CD 5-9, but I disregarded, I read a peer reviewed study that showed woman who took CD 1-5 had most success,taking Clomid earlier in cycle causes increase of eggs, taking Clomid later in cycle causes less eggs but more quality eggs, given my age, I wanted to increase my chances of eggs, so I did CD 2-6) CD 3 - Clomid CD 4 - Clomid, BD Preseed CD 5 - Clomid, BBT 98.2 (read while on Clomid your temperature will be higher then normal) CD 6 - Clomid, BBT 98.2, sticky CM CD 7 - BBT 98.1, a lot of yellow ear wax, weird because I never have ear wax CD 8 - BD Preseed, Creamy CM CD 9 - BBT 97.7 temp dip, temp stabilizing now? CD10 - BBT 97.7, dark positive OPK, BD, started Baby Aspirin once a day, Evening Primrose Oil (refrigerated) and Mucinex morn and night and I will take these during ovulation fertile period. CD 11 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed CD 12 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed CD 13 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed, woke up extremely constipated even with my daily dose of Miralax (suffered constipation due to breastfeeding). Very painful bowel movement. Ultrasound - Uterine Lining - 9.26 mm Left ovary - 19 mm follicle Right ovary - look like follicle had a "cyst or had burst" Blood work - Progesterone 4.0 Also I did Yoga poses to increase blood flow to uterus I looked up YouTube videos of ovulation and fertilization because I wanted to see what was happening in my body at this exact moment to help me with visualization. I believe in the power visualization, if you hear about any olympic medalist for example they do visualization, very helpful. CD 14 - dark positive OPK, BD Preseed and fertility acupuncture, helped me relax CD 15 - STILL dark positive OPK! what is going on, when did I ovulate???? BD Preseed, BBT 98.0, very painful intercourse felt like my cervix had moved, I start taking Progesterone 200 mg VAGINALLY this time around, I read it is more effective since closer to source, I also started Estrace, estrogen, since Clomid thins uterine lining I decided I need to take this to thicken up my lining, I read it does this beautifully. CD 16 - BBT 98.0 , Acne in parts of face that I normally do not have acne, blood pressure 90/62, went to CVS pharmacy to check it out CD 17 - BD Preseed Ultrasound - Uterine lining is at 6 mm, dr sees one good size follicle doesn't tell me measurement, what! I thought I ovulated a couple days ago, I am so confused CD 18 - nothing significant to report, other then super stress planning birthday party for my 2 year old, and I have my mother who is disabled with me and I am VERY STRESSED OUT, even making my self even more stressed out that I am supposed to try to be calm and happy during my fertile week, but I AM TOO BUSY, running around this week like a chicken with head cut off. CD 19 - son's birthday party, busy and stressed, BFN CD 20 - Blood work- Progesterone 17.5, Woohooooooo! my body finally worked, I OVULATED, when I don’t know, but I did, I did!!!!!, BFN CD 21 - BBT 98.1, BFN, feel AF twinges coming, maybe ovary pains on left side CD 22 - BBT 98.2, I took my temperature later during the day and it was a 100.1!!!!, BFN, lightheaded, itchy legs, went to park - about 20 mosquito bites, i never get bitten! what is going on?, my lil doggie sleeping on my tummy, weird, feel AF twinges coming, maybe ovary pains on left side CD 23 - November 12, 2015 - BBT 98.3, (I read somewhere that continued high temperatures due to elevated progesterone, Weighed myself, because a couple days before AF i gain water weight 2-3 pounds, and scale reads 2 pounds lighter!!! what! i lost weight, this never happens!!! This all gives me confidence to test FMN - BFP!!!!!!!! on cheap Wondfo test, so I whipped out FRER and positive, not a squinter too!, Went to doctor for bloodwork I will be watching comments, if you have any questions for me, I am glad if I can be any help. All the very best to each and every one of you all! Someone else posted this part and it was helpful to me: Symptom spotting ladies, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. I was certain that I was a little bit pregnant last month. Starting 3dpo my bbs started to get sore and by 7dpo were WAY sore. I had headaches, backaches, fatigue, I felt like I was getting a cold, and I was irritable as all get out. All very unusual symptoms for me, especially the sore bbs, and I was SURE I was pregnant. But I just kept getting BFNs. I tested from about 9dpo onward and they were all BFNs. I got my period on cycle day 29. Now I was certain that an egg had been fertilized and had just never implanted. But try telling anyone you're certain of that, especially a doctor; they'll look at you like you're crazy -- I didn't even bother. This month, same story. Starting 3dpo my bbs started getting sore, by 7dpo they're WAY sore. I have headaches, backaches, fatigue, I'm irritable. I sure AGAIN that I'm pregnant. But I keep getting BFNs. I tested from about 9dpo onward, BFNs every time. Not even the faintest squintable hint of a line. And then today on cycle day 29, there it is, BFP. Confirmed with digital. Now I was starting to feel like a crazy person, insisting two months in a row that I'm pregnant and having nothing to show for it. So mostly what I feel now is validated -- I CAN tell what's going on inside my own body, despite what the internet says to the contrary. So I just want to add my little voice to the mix. Trust yourselves, ladies. Trust your bodies. I've seen so many posts where women have all the same symptoms I've been having and still keep pulling up BFNs, then AF shows up and they're left feeling so confused and doubting whether they ever felt anything at all. Don't tell me there's no way of knowing if an egg has been fertilized and just hasn't implanted, internet. I know what I feel. And probably if you trust your bodies, you ladies know too. A gazilion symptoms, and a gazilion BFNs, does not mean you're imagining things. You don't have to trust a little stick that you pee on more than you trust your own body. You know what's up.


Congratulations!  Happy and healthy 9 mos. Thank you for the prayer.

my husband and I have been trying for about a year. I did my third round of clomid ending of last month. Started spotting yesterday and I know what it looks like which is AF coming. As I write this with tears in my eyes I'm trying to convince myself to give up. I know I haven't been trying as long as others. But I've done all I could do. I lost weight, eat healthier, OPK tests, clomid, Preseed, timing and nothing. I don't know how much more rejection and heartbreak I can handle. Maybe it's not in God's plan for me. I usually get NOs anyway. Guess I'm not one of the ones he favors. I'm hurting right now so sorry to vent and be somber. But I come on here and read daily praying my turn will come and get heart broken every month. I won't pray for you because my prayers don't get answered but I do wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery. 

I'm not the most religious person my no means, but I want you to know He loves you so much and does not want you in pain. He has a plan, and we cannot lose faith in that.  In the last year I have been around so many pregnant women, I think daily, that was incredibly painful for me, in my mind and heart I wished them well and trusted God's timing, I had to make peace with that, or I feared I would spin myself into some sort of depression. I hate saying things like trust God's will, it sounds generic, but I had to really feel that within so I could move forward, I want you to find some peace and encouragment too, for the sake of your sanity and for the courage to push forward.  I was so stressed my fertile week, my mom has brain damage and was staying with me the entire month, I feed her, bathe her, change her diapers, planning a party to feed 50 people for son's bday was stressful too, AND my close friend lost her entire house, car in a historic flood we had here the same day I ovulated. I was a basket case! But it happened.  I tell u that because I don't want you to think u have to be in perfect emotional health to proceed in TTC But I just want u to find the courage to push through. It is worth it.  im here to listen.

Furbabymomma, I have read 1000s bfp stories on here and I always look forward to your comment of well-wishes, I want you to know I have named u in my prayers many times, may God bless you for your postivity. 

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