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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

38yo, natural conception

I am 6weeks pregnant, all good on the ultrasound HCG=20000. So far so good. After a miscarriage in april 2017, here is my 2ww BFP story ! I've read these stories so many times while being in the 2ww that I had to put mine. Hope it helps ! Please note that the signs were different in april (I'll write them down below as well). Also, 10 years ago I was pregnant but I was forced to abort because of incredible, inhumane pain in the uterus that was killing me. It was excruciating all day long, not stopping for more than 5 minutes/day. It was a nightmare. I managed to hold on for 3 weeks until I aborted. This time, no problem, a bit hurting, but nothing compared to back then. Hope it helps ! ****THIS PREGNANCY**** CD 1-3: menstruation, quite short as normally CD 4-8: nothing special CD 8: egg white cm CD 9 : egg white cm CD 10: egg white cm, bd CD 12: exhausted CD 13: positive ovulation test, ovulation pain in the ovaries, I recognize it 1-3 dpo : nothing special 4 dpo : sligthly sore breasts 5 dpo : sligthly sore breasts 6 dpo: on/off stabbing/spikes in ovaries, very clear and long one while visiting a celtic dolmen in France!, sensitive breasts, spider veins on boobs have appeared 7 dpo: mild cramps all night and morning, sore breasts felt on/off 8 dpo: cramps all day, sore breasts on/off 9 dpo: nothing 10 dpo: VERY FAINT positive on fmu with clearclue 6days early; peed more often than usual, hungry all night, mild cramps but on and off 11 dpo: FAINT but clear positive in fmu; crying a lot, cramps in the evening 12 dpo: cramps and spikes in uterus on/off all day, tired 13 dpo: BBT 37.2 degrees celsius, headache in the evening, during the night cramps exactly as if AF were coming !! Horrible.. 14 dpo: no AF, mild cramps from 5pm 15 dpo: first day late, but no symptoms 16 dpo: cramps from 3pm, BFP on clearblue digital saying 1-2weeks!!! 17dpo: mild cramps 32dpo: blood test hcg at 2900 35 dpo: hcg at 7300, all good in ultrasound 40 dpo: hcg at 20000 *****pregnancy that ended in mc after 5weeks**** CD1-6: menstruation, rather long CD14 : ovulation pain 1-4 dpo : nothing special 5 dpo: mild cramps 6 dpo: mild cramps during the day 7 dpo: cramping woke me up 8 dpo: nothing 9 dpo: continuous cramping all day, FAINT POSITIVE in fmu with clearblue early 10mUi, at 7am, but negative at 10am! 10 dpo: negative in fmu with clearblue digital 25mUI 11 dpo: night cramps, crying and sad, nauseous 12 dpo: FAINT PoSITIVE at 3am with clearblue early, spikes in uterus at night, sore breasts, sad 13 dpo: sore breast, smoked 2 cigarettes and had 2 glasses of wine, and BFP at 11pm !!! 14 dpo: BFP again at 6am, angry at everybody, blood test hcg at 47 mUI/ml, mild cramps in the evening 15 dpo: mild cramps 16 dpo: sore boobs, cramps at night Baby dust to all of you, hoping you will get there as well, in no time !

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