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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

42 and Pregnant After a m/c 4 Months Ago!!!!

I want to share my experience as I believe it may help a hopeful mom to be that has suffered a loss due to m/c or is an older mom to be. My DH and I are both 42, we have been together for 12 years. We both decided that we didn't want children from early on in our relationship. When I was 35 I came of b/c and we discussed our options. We decided that we leave it in the hands of destiny as we had decided that we were open to having a child but did not want to start charting etc., if it happened it happened. I became pregnant last July after 7 years of thinking we weren't going to be parents. It was a total shock to us both and to our families. I had a m/c when I was 8 weeks. My body's way of telling me it needed time to heal was that my period took 10 weeks to return, which gave my DH and I time to heal and think about what we wanted to do. We decided to go ahead and try again in Dec of this year. I spent the whole month analyzing every twinge, reading up on pregnancy symptoms so when a/f showed up on the 5th of Jan this year I decided to change my mind thoughts. We decided that we would just bd every 2 days and I wouldn't check symptoms. So from memory this is how it went: I believe I ovulated on the 17th or 18th of this month as I noticed EWCM a couple of days before. My cycles since the m/c are 26 days. My pms has changed due to the m/c. Before my boobs would get sore just after ovulation and I would break out in spots on my chest or a few on my chin. I would notice ovulation pains. I would have no c.m after ovulation Now I do not get sore boobs, do not notice ovulation pains and hardly break out in spots so it was quite challenging getting used to my body again. DPO 3: Noticed a lot of saliva DPO 4: Had to travel due to work. I travelled most of the day and noticed I was very tired. I lay on the bed thinking “I can't go to the dinner”. I did but didn't want to drink wine which I usually love!!! DPO 5 /6: Woke up with a cold and a temp. Still lots of saliva and tired but thought it was due to cold. DPO 7: Noticed in the shower that my nipples were sensitive and had blue prominent veins. My boobs didn't hurt nether were they bigger, just the nipples. DPO 8/9: Still very tired, lots of saliva. I noticed period like pains for about an hour which could have been implantation pains. DPO 10: Still tired, not so much saliva, also loss of breath which I thought was coz of my cold. Broke out in spots on my face. Thought that I was out and that my normal pms was returning. No c.m. vivid dream about becoming pregnant. DPO 11: Went to Dr for an ear infection and asked him for an appointment for DH to check him out as I wanted to make sure that we were both ok to conceive. Dr told me not to worry and that it would take time…. DPO12: Big gob of c.m in the morning and nausea during the day. Decided to buy HPT and test in morning. I bought Digital Clearblue. DPO 13: BFP!!!! Managed to get an appointment with my Dr and he confirmed it. So the big indicators for me with this pregnancy were: Lots of saliva Sensitive nipples and prominent blue veins Spots Vivid dreams More c.m the days before a/f when I usually have none This pregnancy has no common symptoms with my first one. Then I only suffered from sore boobs which is what I don't have this time. Being over 40 means according to stats that you have a 5% chance of conceiving each month. This is what made me feel that we had missed our chance to become parents and was worrying me. Since I decided just to bd every 2 days and not worry about anything else it only took one month for us to become pregnant. I feel very blessed and hope this one sticks!!! I wish lots of sticky baby dust to you all!!!


What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

I'm pretty young but I was told since the age of 17 it would be hard for me to get pregnant with PCOS and DH and I have been trying since Oct. of 2013 which I know isn't even close to how long most have been waiting--but it feels like an endless wait every cycle...and I'm currently in the tww now--I have almost a week and a half to go and I'm trying SO hard not to symptom spot and just put it out of my mind until its time to test...but I feel like I'm losing my sanity! LOL Reading these really help me out and give me hope when it feels like I have nothing left. I love the long posts with all the detail! Thank you so much. <3

i kept reading that i had 25% or less chance of conceiving due to being 35, and it got pg first time re-trying after a m/c 6 months ago (that time it took 3 cycles), so you can't always believe the statistics. i think they are just put out there to make us older women feel bad personally. my mom had me at 37, and had no problems at all - natural birth at home, and i've always been top of my class or close to it. enough of this propaganda against older moms!! xx

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