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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

44 and pregnant naturally

I’m feeling so many emotions, ranging from smug to horrified. I still can’t believe this is happening. After a year of trying we got a referral to the RE, who said we should have IVF or let it go. I couldn’t face blowing five grand on a five per cent chance success, so we decided to continue with the traditional method, and that when I hit 45, we’d sell the buggy. My husband is even more ancient than I am, and I think we were both a little relieved not to be starting all over again. We started fantasising about nicer holidays or even sending our son to a private school. Then one night I sipped some wine and felt a little queasy. The next day the unimaginable was confirmed by a faint blue cross. The consultant has been very encouraging. He tells me that I’m a perfectly reasonable age to have a baby, and that chronological and biological age are not the same thing. I apparently could be biologically younger than a really really unhealthy 25 year old. I’m now half way through the pregnancy and all the tests have been normal. I have no symptoms and forget I’m pregnant until I get into the shower and see this ginormous tummy. The pregnancy hormones must be good for the middle aged complexion, though, because the wrinkles have just melted off my face. Unfortunately, I’m told the effect is temporary. I’m writing this because I know there aren’t a lot of success stories at this end of the fertility bell curve. I’ve been really lucky, and I wish the same good fortune to everyone else. Thank you for your inspiration.


That is awesome! So glad you got your positive! Keep us posted! Any symptoms? Wishing you the best! Good luck with everything!  

Congratulations!  And thank you for your post.  I am 44 and have been TTC for the past 2 years.  I have not had the finances to spare to go through IVF just yet so I am still trying it the old fashioned way.  Your post has given me the confirmation and renewed determination that I need to keep on trying.  Hoping you have a wonderful, happy, and healthy pregnancy.

CONGRATULATONS :) I've been ttc with my df.for over a year. Well last week I missed my af on Sat 1/16.boobs hurt , fatigue,  then on 1/22 did 3rd hpt and bfn. Oh,  I did say I'm 43! My fiance is 36.well needless to say I just knew Af was coming! I had waited to test an extra day because Dr. Said to test on 1/21.huge cramps,  pain like bad period for fri and sat.  Mind that there is a snow storm here and I couldn't get out. Called Dr. ,yesterday cd32, she said if hpt was bfn then not pregnant. I took about 6 equate verison of Midol…. No help. Pain stopped late afternoon and then I thought Af was coming today. Been awake since 2AM… no Af. Shoveled snow and all. Day 33… mild breast pain, frequent urination, gas… no Af!  Could Dr be wrong?  Cycle usually every 25 days like click work!!!  Anyone? 

I loved reading your funny and happy post and am so happy for you! I just turned 43 and have been trying for over 2 years now. I got pregnant back in May and unfortunately miscarried at 6 weeks and have been trying constantly without success since and your experience has given me fresh hope! We've had all the tests and there is nothing wrong with either of us except the age of my eggs my consultant tells me so we are just praying that I have some good eggs in there somewhere just itching to come out! We are due to start IVF if my period comes this month but I'm still praying for a New Year miracle!  Thanks again, stories like yours are what keeps me going as I've felt like throwing in the towel many times! Wishing you all the very best for a healthy and happy pregnancy and big bundle of joy at the end of it!  XXXXX

Just to update, I had a healthy, complication-free pregnancy and a calm, restful, elective C-section. My beautiful son is now 18 months old and a delight to his six-year-old brother. Thank you all for your good wishes. It means a lot xx

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