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46 and Pregnant

This is my first pregnancy and I am 46 yrs old. Got a bfp 3 days after period due. I am still in shock but soooooooo happy. 6 weeks. To all those older women out there, don't give up.



Congrats lady! How long did you try for?

Hi there .. Wow!!! Congratulations ..!!! I am 44 been trying for 14 mths .. Have never ever been on the pill etc .. Have 5 healthy babies .. Just about to give up .. All my tests r clear .. Just isn't meant to be .. Did u fall naturally?? How long? Symptoms? .. U gave given me hope xxxx

Congratulations! A happy and healthy 9 months to you! Your story brings us all so much hope.

That is wonderful news.  Congratulations.  I am 42 and have 2 children ages 15 and 12.  Have never gotten rid of the feeling to have another one.  I am in the 2 week wait right now, thinking it may actually be a possibility this month.  We have been off BC for 3 years and my husband travels a lot, so we have never been together at the right time pretty much the last 3 years.  I am very happy for you!

Thanks for sharing!  SO in need of encouragement....43 & failed first IVF (own eggs), waiting now to do frozen cycle, but feeling so hopeless...I have been thinking this is my very last chance to have my own child in this life.  Wishing the very best for you!!  Did yours happen naturally?

Thank you all for your kind wishes. It did happen naturally. Wasn't trying, so feel very blessed. Symptoms were quite normal really. Late period, sore boobs, peeing a lot. Now at 6 weeks boobs still sore, mild cramps, sore lower back and mild metallic tase in my mouth. Going to first appt on 7march at 10 weeks. I would have thought it might be sooner.

Thank you all for your kind wishes. It did happen naturally. Wasn't trying, so feel very blessed. Symptoms were quite normal really. Late period, sore boobs, peeing a lot. Now at 6 weeks boobs still sore, mild cramps, sore lower back and mild metallic tase in my mouth. Going to first appt on 7march at 10 weeks. I would have thought it might be sooner.

I definately thought it would be sooner hun .. I'd be getting a second opinion .. Sometimes at our age drs tend to get an attitude ( I'm not saying yours has) but in my experience the specialists around me are more negative than positive ..And don't give hope but At 46 to fall pregnant naturally .. Is truly a blessing .. I am on sites where 40 yr old women have been trying for years .. With no success...( me included) What I'm getting at is I just personally would of thought that your dr would of taken a few more precautions and watched over u .. My partner is a registered nurse and he always tell me .. " it's our bodies .. U need to insist what u want" easier said than done ...( I do find that hard to do ) but for your peace of mind meaning less stress on u .. It would be nice to have your scan at 7 weeks .. Which is normal .. Sending u lots of positive thoughts ... I am so happy for u ... Truly am .. I am in my 2ww but feel I have missed again.... There is always next mth .. U have given me hope xxxx

Wow!!!!!!Im 38 and Ive been trying for two years.Im soooooo happy for u I pray that your pregnancy is healthy and stress free!Keep us posted ;0)

i'm 36 and trying...u really do give us hope and that there is a chance for us ladies to get our BFP....Congratulations x

Hello - I am also 6 weeks pregnant (naturally). Although I always wanted a third child, we did not plan to have it that late. My husband is almost 53 and did not expect this news. Earlier this week, I went to my doctor who delivered my 2 kids (14 and 11), he was VERY pessimistic. The experience was horrible. He mentioned all the risks of this pregnancy and predicted that I will certainly miscarriage. He used a very old machine to check the pregnancy, it was not working so I had to wait so that he can borrow a more recent machine from one of his colleague. He did not do any measurement, he thought he saw a heart beat but told me that the baby was very small and he did not expect any miracle. I kept telling him that I was only starting my 6th week, but he really did not want to hear what I had to say. I decided to get another opinion, a friend of my sister who gave birth (for the first time) at 43, recommended me her doctor. My visit is next week, I am terrify. I constantly think that I am about to lose the baby. I wake up every day at 3:00 AM and can't go back to sleep. I am having a lot of cramps and nausea (especially in the evening). I have no bleeding at all. This is all very scary... Would love to hear from you.

I am so glad you are going to see another doctor. your Dr sounds like a real jerk. You don't mention how old you are??. Anyway, I am 7 weeks today and am going for a scan on Thursday. So far so good with me. Only symptoms at the momet are sore boobs and bloating. All the best to you.........

I am 46 years old. This pregnancy was not planned. I am going to the doctor on Thursday too. I went to a clinic in emergency this week-end because I had small brown discharge but I was panicking. The dr at the clinic said that it was normal. It took at blood test to send to my new doctor. I still have light brown spotting but my younger sister who was pregnant 4 years ago told me that it was totally normal. I am so stressed, and can't wait for Thursday to have some responses. Good luck for your visit on Thursday!

Congrats to you and also to Vav!! I am also 46 and in 2ww and feeling hopeful this month after third IUI!! may you all have hh9m and beautiful babies!!  

Sorry to give the bad news on this blog, but I lost the pregnancy. Although this all thing was not planned, I have to say that I started to dream about having a 3rd child. On top of being physically painful, it is emotionally very hard. My husband and I saw the baby heart beat and by the night I was miscarrying. I guess my mind and my body were not ready to have a 3rd one. I went to my new dr yesterday, he was great and try to help very much. Although my old dr was really there for me when I started to miscarriage, I am planning to stay with the new dr. My husband and I agreed that we will be much more careful so we don't go through this even again. Lucy - how did your visit go on Thursday?

I am so sorry for your loss. When I went for my fisrt us at 6 weeks, they could not see a heart beat. I went back a week later and they told me some surprising news. According to my calculations and the 1st scan I was 7 weeks but at the 2nd scan they told me baby measured at 6 1/2 weeks and heart beat at 96bmp. I was told that was too low. They asked me to come back in 2 weeks. So I fo back for what is according to me, a 9 week scan tomorrow 1 March. I still have very sore boobs and feel bloated. No morning sickness. I hope tomorrow I will get good news.

Seek comfort in your spiritual higher power-For Me it is GOD! My first son was the miracle he took 9 years to conceive-the pregnancy was beautiful-botched C-section-had to have home health care nursing for 8months-stomach was left OPEN to heal on it's own after a staff infection! My 46 year old husband and I awoke to some sore brweasts, terrible gas and two missed period with just a little bit of spotting. So we are off to see the Dr tomorrow and I am nervous as a peacock! His chest is all stuck out of course!! So drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest and enjoy the glow you are going to soon feel...I think I am getting excited-Either way I am prayed up!!! God Bless You!!!  

I am 46 and 5 weeks pregnant with my 6th and it all happened naturally.  Haven't gone to the doctor as yet ... should do so by next 2 days.  I am hoping & praying that all will go well.    

congratulations! you give hope to me who at 43 is trying for my first and being told by so many people i'm probably too old to get pregnant. I'm so happy for you bless you and your little bundle

I am shock!!! I have a 28 year old and a 21 year old!! IT CAN HAPPEN!!! I am 5 1/2 weeks! 

Hi Vav, I, too, am 46 and pregnant.  I am 15 weeks today.  I noticed your post is over a year old and was wondering how everything is going.  I am so sorry you had such a negative experience with your doctor. I had a similar experience when I went in for the 1st trimester scan at 12 weeks.  My pregnancy is a bit of a shock to my husband and I as we have 3 teenagers, 17,15 and 13 and I was pretty happy with my family situation. So, this is a huge life change for me that I am still adjusting to. Anyway, just hoping that all turned out well for you:) Blessings to you.

Sorry, Vav, I realize you only posted this year, not over a year ago.  

Vav, I am so sorry to hear of your loss and that I posted without knowing this. Many blessings to you.

Danic, Hi, Congratulations!  I know the feeling! I have 3 teenagers and I am 15 weeks pregnant--totally unplanned!!!! I guess it's more common than we think. I can't tell you how many people we have heard of that this has happened to them.  Even my OB nurse said her mother was 48 and she was 12 when her mom had her younger siblings.  So how are you and your husband taking this? I have had a very hard time adjusting, I am very scared. I am hoping it will get better but as I am sure you know that when your kids are older you have your groove and all is good.  I have so many emotions flowing through me about this and I am dying to talk to someone who is going through the same thing. I wish so badly I knew someone that lived near me in this situation.  Many blessings to you!

Congratulations to you!  What a wonderful large family you have!  What are their ages?  I have 3 teenagers(17,15,13) and 15weeks pregnant with our 4th which was completely unplanned.  I am 46 also.  After hearing how many women are trying so hard to have a baby in their 40s, I have to believe that this happened for a reason, as shocked as I am, I have had to go through some major adjustments as this is a life changing event for me. My kids, especially my daughter who is 13, is ecstatic.  Anyway, I just wanted to say Congratulations and am sending many blessings to you.  

I am 7 days late on my period nad have tested neg with hpt. I wasn't planning on having a baby, but if I am pregnant it would be a life adjustor. Maybe God knows what I need. I lost my 2 sons 2yrs ago and have felt so lost and empty. I have another one that has not adjusted with the loss of his brothers and he is 28. Could I be pregnant even though hpt shows negative? I have been so regular, that's why it is so strange. When I should have had my period, my lower back was very painful which lasted for about 5 days. There have been lower cramps and pelvic pressure all 7 days and peeing like crazy. Any thoughts would be welcome...

At my age my period usually comes 23-26 days. I am not on my 26th day and have been feeling odd for 2 weeks. I have breast tenderness, cramping, don't feel like eating and mood swings. I tested on the 25th day of my cycle and it was negative. However, I did not use the first morning urine and I have read sometimes your HCG levels are not high enough. I have had unprotected sex twice before ovulation. I feel like I am pregnant as I can just tell my body is behaving differently.  I will test again on Friday which will be 31st day of my cycle. I will be shocked if I am pregnant, and like the others scared in regards to all the test and the possibility of a misscarriage.

Best wishes to all TTC-hope my story helps? I always had very irregular cycles with 3-5 months gaps so expected problens concieving. I married at 37-pregnant naturally within months, 1st baby at 38, breast fed for 3 1/2 years with no period for 2 years after birth! Next baby at nearly 42- breast fed again with no period for 2 years again. Concieved at 45 but miscarried at 9/40 and now very happy to be pregnant naturally again,now 23/40 with a girl after 2 boys :-)) feel very blessed. I am fit and well and pray for another healthy baby. I refused Downs testing as would not terminate anyway -as I work in a Childrens Hospital and there are far worse things to be wrong with a baby to a mum of any age. Best wishes to all trying & keep the faith.

First time posting. Two weeks waiting may as well be two years of waiting. Feels like a iong time and I really want to use hpt on a daily basis. First week wait will be over on Saturday. Think I'll give in and proceed with hpt tomorrow morning though I know it's too early-it'll give me something to do. Been great reading all posts. Thanks.

my doctor was the same made me feel horrid to be pregnant at 46 asked am i going to keep her,had 2 miscarages before and this wll be my first.


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