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6 BFP's After 11 Days Late, Negitive HPTs and Negative Blood Test!!!!!!!:) It Can Happen!

YES it CAN happen to woman who are late and getting negative results and be pregnant!! I am one of them. I am 23 years old and DH is 29. We have been trying for our first since January 12' after getting off the pill. I have had a period every month since until's my story. I usually have a 33-day cycle and my DH and I bd 6/24,6/27,6/29,7/1,7/4,7/6,7/9,7/12 and every third day after till 7/19. I'm not sure when ovulation was because since about July 4th have had a combination of EWCM, watery cm, to creamy cm... sorry for the TMI but that’s what threw up the red flag for me because I just couldn’t believe how much was coming out of me. Then on July 19th the day my period was due it was a no show. Sign number two was I always have sore breasts about 2 days before AF to the day she arrives and they were normal. So I tested on a HPT on the 19th and it was BFN. Next two days BFN with FMU. :( So confused and sad I didn't know what was going on with my body. So on the 24th I decided to go to a local clinic and get a blood test. They also gave me a HPT which came up BFN and they called me on the 26th to tell me the blood test was also NEGATIVE. I was so frustrated but just decided okay I'm not pregnant so I just need to relax. Well that Sunday the 29th I had one more test in the bathroom and just for fun because I like to pee on sticks I used my last test I had with FMU. I watched the test and could already see a line (BFP) and this was with First Response. I couldn’t believe it so I went in the living room to show my DH and he saw the line and I said "We are going to Walmart right NOW!" So we went to the store and I got a box of Answer test (3pack) and a box of Clear Blue Digital (2pack). When we got home I decided to pee in a cup with afternoon pee and first test with one of the cheap Answer test....That one turned out BFP just like the First Response that while I was shaking in the bathroom in disbelief still while my DH was watching TV in the living room I decided to pull out the Clear Blue Digital and test with the same pee cup I just test in and after about a minute that beautiful work popped up PREGNANT!!!!! I called my DH in the bathroom and couldn’t talk he just went in and looked on the counter and saw the 3 tests together and we just hugged and cried with JOY! The next morning I still had 2 Answer test and 1 Clear Blue Digital and I tested with the Answer one first BFP with darker line and Clear Blue popped up PREGNANT again :) and that night the other Answer one was BFP with an even darker line! Ladies it is possible! Today I am 7 weeks 1 day PREGNANT with our first doctor's appointment on 8/13/2012. Symptoms now are: creamy CM, tired all the time, HUNGRY all the time (I swear I can eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner), I pee ALOT and get up 1-2 times at night to pee, and some light pulling stretching cramps. I don’t think you can deny 6 BFP test from 3 different brands :) We are so excited about this blessing and thank GOD everyday!!! I want to send baby dust to all of you and just have faith in him above!


Wow! That is amazing!! I guess it's true when they say that you are never out for the month until AF shows! I'll have to keep that in mind after all these pesky BFNs!

Thanks for sharing and congrats on your BFP!! :)

Yay! Congrats!!!! I am dancing in your babydust; send up a prayer!!!

ur story sounds Just like mine..... last af was july 30th     had spotting heartburn ect... just knew i was preg  took test after test after test  BFN BFN   a week after i missed first AF  recieved NEgitive Blood test at the Ob's... they told me no way ur preg we will see u the end of october dont worry if u miss a period or two its normal...  so i just was like Ok i am not preg.... well  3 weeks later  i took a preg test  suspecting a negitive and  WAALAAAA "BFP"   and again the next mornning BFP...... SO WOMEN TRUST UR BODIES AND Like VBaker13 said   Your not Out till AF shows!!!... 

 Im so happy for you!  Congrats!!!!

Hello! First off congrats!! to both you ladies! Can't wait till I'm in your shoes. I;m actually hoping the same thing might happen to me. I was due for AF on the 1-22-and was 6 days late. Started on 1-28. Well it was different(sorry in advance tmi)! Cd1 was barly there. Seemed as if it was the end cause there was brown stuff. only used one tampon all day. nothing else,cd 2 full on bloody mess, cd3 nothing at all all day long, cd4 still noting so me and dh decided to take advantage and bd. well bright blood was on us but not a big mess on the bed. showered and put a tampon back in. figured I should change a couple hours later and there was only a little bit of brown again,cd5 &6 nothing but brown when I wiped and only once per day. My cycles are always 6-7 days and its always a bloody mess with clots.had none of that or pms. Ive been taking htp's almost every day and always bfn. I only had a couple cramps that lasted all of maybe 30 seconds on one side one time on two different days. I am currently on cd 10. The only symptoms ive noticed is my boobs feel heavier or different and sometimes tender. Im really horny the past couple of days. And been yawning and hungrier lately. Unless all thats in my head. Im assuming it is. I guess i was wondering on what day did you finally get your bfp? I want to go get a blood test but i feel silly and itll probably be a waist of money like last time i went. Did you gals have any symptoms at all? thanks and have a happy and healthy 9 months:)

9 days late, BFN whats next..?

I'm 12 days late I'm never late. Symptoms I'm tired allways hungry very mooding an 3 hpt negative what should I do

Hi sisters, i am 10 days late in my periods, i am never late. i have 28 days cycle. i did urine test 4 times which were negative. then i went to doctor and took blood test which is negative too. i feel pain in my lower back and light crams in my lower stomach some times. i am so freaking out, wana cry so hard :(

i dont know i am pregnent or not. please give some suggesstion what to do?

So I ovulated on the 16th of aug, I think I had implantation bleeding on the 25th aug ( cos I wiped and there was some blood) nothing ever since, iv had negative hpt and af is late by 4 days and just got blood results of 0.1hcg level :( iv had no symptoms but don't have a clue where I stand now the nurse has said its way to early as ur af is only 4 days late that I have to wait another week. Anyone else been in this situation and still been pregnant???

Im 11 days late its 3.35 and just had a bfn :( but for the past week iv felt sooo sick and had the worst back pain ever, my hubby thinks im pregnant I think I am but I need to see that bfp before I believe it

I am 11 day late am never late took three test all negative yesterday i had spotting with some very tiny blood colt i am very tired and sleepy

I am also late by 4 days and have bloating sore breasts, feel sick and very moody!!!! Have been trying to conceive for 11 months ,periods are very irregular at times , last bleed was heavy and lasted 6 days ! That's was the 8 th of February , took a blue dye test 2 days ago and got a bfp , went doctors today and got a bfn :( on pink dye test !! Feel pregnant and still no AF ! is looks like the waiting game for me , should I give up or re test in a couple of days !!

Hi im 18days late in getting head aches feeling tired more going bathroom more last 2wks iv been getting wet patches un my underwear like im leeking but neg test plus my nipples r itchy

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