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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

6 Months Trying, Early Ovulation, and BFP!

Hello! DH (29) and I (25) have been trying for a little over 6 months and thought we were out this cycle, and I was surprised by a BFP yesterday! We had just gone to the store for more pregnancy tests and for preseed, because we were convinced we were out. So here's what happened:

My cycles had been pretty regular, and I had O'd the past three cycles respectively at CD25, 23, and 20. This cycle I O'd on CD16! We weren't expecting it, so we only BD'd 2 days before O, on O day, and the day after O.

O day: EWCM. I had a borderline positive OPK at 11am, and a positive OPK in the evening, but not a BLARING positive like I had in past cycles. I was also thirsty, had allergy issues, so I was on Mucinex the day before O, day of O, and day after O. I had some O pain in my left ovary, increased sex drive, and I was constipated

1dpo: I didn't sleep well, and slept with my mouth open, so I was convinced the temp spike was faulty. Tired, increased sex drive, and O pain

2dpo: My boobs had started to hurt a little bit, not out of the ordinary. Allergies

3dpo: sticky CM, Tired, allergies, boobs definitely starting to hurt

4dpo: Sticky CM, Tired, allergies, boob pain

5dpo: Constipation, irritability, skin break out, and boob pain

6dpo: Constipation, tired, irritability, and boob pain

7dpo: Had some serious cramping around 12:30pm, and headache started around 3:30pm. Bloated, cramps, headache, skin break out, and boob pain

8dpo: BFN. Bad night's sleep, so tired, allergies are back, bloated, hungry, and boob pain

9dpo: BFN. Creamy CM, quick cramping along left lower side of abdomen around 12:46. Backache, bloating, cramps, tired, and boob pain

10dpo: Creamy CM, light cramping in the morning, convinced we were out. Bloated, cramps, headache, boob pain, went out with friends to dinner, and went to the bars with them. IRRITABLE. I legitimately had a temper tantrum before meeting our friends because people were texting me while I was driving home. I threw my purse at my car when I got home. Ladies. It was bad.

11dpo: BFN, but I thought I felt AF cramps, so I thought I was out for sure. bloated, cramps, dizziness, heartburn, nausea, and tender breasts. The nausea and heartburn came after eating breakfast. I thought I had eaten too much and too much spicy food. I took a LONG nap.

12dpo: BFP! I woke up earlier than normal and my temp spiked again, and my nose was stuffy. I was actually mad that I used a FRER because I KNEW it was going to be negative. GUESS NOT! I also used a wondfo... which are seriously crap. Symptoms include: bloated, and seriously sore boobs. My mom (who is living with us temporarily), took one look at me and said "You have something to tell me. Why are you so happy?! Are YOU?!" and then she started crying a lot.

13dpo: BFP! This was a BFP on a FRER digital and the crappy wondfo got noticeably darker! Creamy CM, nausea, bloating, and sore boobies so far. :)

We are over the moon, and my first doctor's visit is June 19th at 8am. :)

Your BFP is out there ladies! <3

The top FRER is from 12dpo, digital is 13dpo, top wondfo is 13dpo, bottom is 12dpo.


Yay!! Congrats to you!! Lol, here I am comparing my current "symptoms" w yours! Smh lol nah, don't I'll have your luck! ;) Happy, healthy pregnancy journey!! <3

Thanks so much, Mamabear2! Pretty sure morning sickness is already on it's way, as I almost threw up while I was brushing my teeth this morning. I told my husband and he said "Man, that doesn't sound pleasant." Worth it for the little blob growing in me! :) 

Congrats!!! I'm only 2dpo but your story is encouraging. I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy! 

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