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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

8 dpo bfp

Hey ladies, I decided to test on a whim at 8 dpo & I got a obvious positive result! I cannot believe it! I am going to list my symptoms from 1dpo until today.

1 dpo- cramping, backache, headache, increased sex drive, tender breasts
2 dpo- backache, constipation, increased thirst, hot flashes
3 dpo- same as 2 dpo
4 dpo- bloated, constipation, cramps, gassy, increased appetite, irritability, hot flashes
5 dpo-same as 4 dpo but w/ dizziness, insomnia & nausea as well
6 dpo- same as 4 & 5 dpo but add in heartburn
7 dpo- same as 4-6 dpo & head cold out of nowhere
8 dpo- same as 4-7 dpo & just had a feeling that I was because of my mood swings. still VERY thirsty

Hopefully my symptoms inspire somebody who may be having symptoms, but thinks its too early. Good luck & baby dust to you all!



I have those same symptoms. It must be in my head though! I'm 40!

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