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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

8 dpo BFP!

I have been reading these wonderful stories for a while now and am ready to share mine.
I had a miscarriage a year ago and was not ready to try again until now. It took us 3 months and now God has blessed us.
I got a positive opk on the 17th and my chart says I didn't ovulate till the 21nd (4 day diff?). So I covered all my days anyway. Sex before and after positive opk.
Within a couple days of ovulation, I had never ending cramps and super sore boobs. I tried to live normally till 8 dpo when I could not wait any longer.
I bought a dollar tree prego test and took it at a random moment.
It was POSITIVE right away!!!
My dpo count could be wrong though. I may be closer to 11 or 12 days. I say this because I am counting from the day I got my positive opk. But according to my chart, I am 8 dpo.
The real differences I have made this time around was to exercise lightly, eat pretty well, and I started taking my prenatal vitamins when we started trying.
I pray this pregnancy goes all they way.
sprinkling sticky baby dust to all you trying.
God Bless


I have been nausea since 5 days. I am getting all the signs as possible. I have not taken the test yet. I have too have an ectopic pregnancy back april. So, I didnt want 2 get my hopes up, but i never feel nausea unless pregnancy.

i usually get a pimple 1 week before my period which will last for the whole time till i say by period; but this time around the pimple appeared and then disappeared after 2 days i don't am i reading to much into it or i could be preg today is the 14feb and expecting period on the 20 feb i just cant wait it is so hard to wait......

best luck to all of us trying to conceive

My wife started out having the cramps and sore breasts/nipples and all the stuff that made us hopeful. She is at 8 dpo and yesterday had a dip in her bbt but today it's up a little. Besides that she has backache and nausea but that's it. She also has a pimple and has not had any sign of implantation spotting yet. I'm hopeful but she is starting to be realistic that it may be PMS. Any help or advice or what else to look for? This two week thing is for the birds!!

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