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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

"AF" was IB!!! BFP and SHOCKED!!!

The title is a mouthful in itself!! After a short "AF" starting on the 9th of this month and ending last night (the 11th), I am SUPRISED, yet HAPPY to say we are having another BABY!! I was very let down when I kept getting BFNs at what I thought was 9, 10, and 11 dpo. So after the 5th, I stopped testing. "AF" came 4 days later. This is our 3rd cycle TTC after getting my PPAF back from pumping BM. We unfortunately lost our Tubal Reversal miracle baby after she lived for a month in the NICU due to NEC. She was hastily delivered at 25weeks gestation due to me developing sever Pre E (which was rare being that she was our 3rd child).We were devastated, to say the least. I mean talk about the worse day of our lives! Our miracle baby was put to rest in early March and we were somewhat on the fence about TTC again out of fear and just plain grief. When my PPAF arrived in May, we prayed and started TTC again. DH is military (Army) and no time is better than the present because he will be deployed all of next year. Well 3 cycles later and here we are again, ladies!! I am EXTREMELY NERVOUS!!! The bleeding was like a normal AF (it started off light and picked up a bit by the 2nd day), but wasn't nearly as long. I usually get AF for 5 days. So 3 days of AF kind of tipped me off to test just once more. I mean, I completely tested on a whim, totally expecting to waste a good test (FRER) that could have been used next cycle. But BFP!! Instantly as I sat there on the toilet. LOL!! I went running for my phone to call DH, unfortunately he is training away from home right now. He was JUST as shocked!! When he left I was so down due to AF coming, and a few days later her I am with a BFP!! With my late DD's pregnancy, I did bleed early on too. In fact, I had IB that went on for about 2 weeks. Ultrasounds never showed subchorrionic hemmoraging, or anything showing where a substantial bleed may have come from. OB said it was IB, and that some women have a lot of it. Although I am a little nervous, I suppose my little babies really "borough" themselves in to that uterus!!! The bleeding has since subsided (was never overly heavy or full of clots), and now I feel just a few cramps here and there which is typical. Symptoms: Before I got the IB I SWORE I was cramping, and nauseous, and having all those early "symptoms" we ladies have each month before AF shows up. I tested and used at least 6 test this cycle before the 5th of this month because DH and I were out of town and I wanted to ride on roller coasters and do a lot of walking for our anniversary. ALL BFN!! I stopped testing after that. I am not sure if I could have gotten a positive earlier, but perhaps not because I am assuming what I thought was AF was actually IB. So I am not sure what DPO I am at the moment. I may have been testing too soon, maybe late O, maybe late implantation. Who knows? I stopped tracking O this cycle to just kinda go with the flow, and not work myself up too much this early on TTC. I will say that we did DTD A LOT! We DTD at least EOD. Especially around our anniversary which was the 31st of July. According to ovulation trackers I am due between the 16-18th of April, making conception around July 26-28th. I am still unsure, but we did DTD at LEAST EOD this entire cycle until about August 2nd. Tested for the last time August 5th (BFN). Got "AF/IB" August 9th-11th. Tested today on the 12th, got an INSTANT BFP. It was dark, so I suppose I could have gotten it maybe on the 9th. I definitely would have freaked out then, though, because my IB was NOT light pink or spotting. It was a FLOW. I wouldn't have been the wiser if I weren't TTC. Praying all is good, but my last pregnancy was very similar and all should be fine. GL ladies!!! And I hope this helps someone else. Sorry so long, just wanted to be thorough. Thanks for letting me share my story and I pray this little bean comes home to meet her siblings in April!!


Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

I can't thank you enough for posting!!! As I was reading your story I couldn't help but think it sounds exactly like what I have been going through... So I decided to test again and in seconds I got my BFP!!! I thought I was beginning my tww! Congrats to you!

I can't thank you enough for posting!!! As I was reading your story I couldn't help but think it sounds exactly like what I have been going through... So I decided to test again and in seconds I got my BFP!!! I thought I was beginning my tww! Congrats to you!

congratz on your bfp H&H 9 months of pregnancy :)  

I am currently "18" dpo. And today I have been spotting, at first it was a light colored pink and now it's and orangey red. I only notice it whenever I wipe.I'm not sure if af is coming because I am currently 2 days late. And this is my first month without taking bc. Any advice ?

Yasmeen I am in the same boat. I'm a huge mess. Stopped My pill over a month ago. Keep having these light periods the most recent one almost 2 weeks ago. Which would be about 12 days after I ovulated. It is so similar to what this original poster said. The first two days for me was light brown (in fact the second day it was so light bf and I had sex with no mess sorry TMI) the day after I actually bled a little that morning but it was basically gone by the afternoon. Since then I've been having bloating, cramping sore bbs and just weird stuff.  Have been peeing a lot over the past couple of days now too and not drinking more than normal. Took a hpt last week bfn and I just took another I believe 2 days ago another bfn. It seems these symptoms aren't necessarily the kind you have from going off the pill from what I researched. Earlier this week I was convinced my period was coming. In fact so convinced I put a pad on. I had 2 days like that. Bad af like cramps. I'm starting to worry something is wrong or I am just obsessing.  *** sorry in advance for the book :/

i just had my AF on the 25th-28  which is weird because it normally is 5days as well  bad cramping 3days befor AF ... tested last night n this morning still BFN !!! but if i play with my breast they leak a very little but still comfused donno how long i should wait till i test again 

wondering if you temped during this time you thought it was your AF?  TTC #2 and the starting the second week of tww I started feeling like I did with my DS. Temps shot up and have stayed up. I tested 9 DPO and got BFN. I have short cycles, typically 23 days. I had cramping 11DPO so thought maybe AF was coming early but nothing, yesterday at 3 days late for AF and with a temp still above 98 (cover line this month is 97.6) I decided I'd test but when I went to the bathroom I found AF. Thing is, day 2 of "AF" my temp increased (it usually drops the day before AF comes) and cp is high. Bleeding seems more than implantation, it's not heavy (like normal) but it's not light. I know cycles can be off and things that affect bbt but it's so weird to me that my bbt is still so high With AF here.

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