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After 21 long months of disappointment and a weird cycle - BFP at last!

DH and I have been TTC since holding my nephew in our arms just hours after he was born. We both knew then that we wanted one of our own. Sadly it didn't come easily and every month passed with cycles of hope then despair and tears. After around a year we went to the doctor and went through all the tests - semen, bloods, HSG, ultrasound etc etc. - no problems at all. I was referred for a lap and spent another 3.5 long months on the waiting list for that. Feeling like after 20 months of trying, our lives were on hold and just utter frustration - could we book a holiday later in the year, what if i'm pregnant? What if i'm not... We started to plan what to do next. After discussing it through, DH and I decided that we really really wanted to be pregnant this year, and once i got through the lap, depending on the outcome, we would request an IVF referral. I started researching clinics and was pretty keen on the Barbados IVF clinic - and started to dream that that would be the perfect way to do it - the thought of going into work each day or rocking around at home just seemed too much. Anyway this cycle my period was all over the place. Having monitored closely for 20 months, i knew my cycles were a consistent 26-28 days long with ovulation on day 13-14 and AF arriving similar duration afterwards. Fairly clockwork, and i got to know every bodily signal possible of Ov day coming, and AF coming. This cycle was crazy. I was really ill with a stomach virus and high fever on the last day of last cycle, and i can only assume it triggered something to change. AF came and I bled for 10 days (my usual is 3-4 + 2 days of spotting). It was going on forever and i didn't know what to think. My temp stayed high from the previous month until day 7 when it finally dropped. DH and I got to BD our usual every other day running through day 15 and had a little rest. My temps gave a bit of a spike on CD14 and i thought that was ovulation as usual and that was that, albeit it a strange period. It was odd though as i hadn't noticed any EWCM which normally comes with Ov, so i wasn't really sure what was going on. A few days later though i noticed it (CD19), I told my husband and we got to it again for the next few days. This time my temp properly spiked on CD 21. A week later (CD28) i felt really bloated and crampy and when i noticed a small amount of blood when i went to the loo. I was gutted - perhaps i'd got everything wrong and here came AF again and it was just a normal cycle, with an odd start. The next morning my period hadn't started which was a bit odd, and later that day i saw a tiny bit more blood when i went to the loo. After that nothing. I spent every day this week fearing my period was coming but each day it felt less and less likely as i had no cramping or moodiness or anything. My husband kept asking me to take a test but i said i just wasn't ready. Having taken them before it would have just been too crushing to see another big fat singular line saying BFN. I preferred to live in hope. Yesterday, CD 37, i knew that whatever date you started counting from at the beginning of my weird month, it just had to be that i was overdue. I took a test first thing on saturday morning (funnily enough after dreaming of taking it), and slowly as i brushed my teeth, the incredible cross-hair line (clearblue) began to show. It was disappointingly pale, but definitely there! I couldn't believe it. I ran through in shock to wake up DH, and asked him his opinion. Definitely a BFP!!! We're both so overjoyed i can't stop smiling. I took another one this morning just to be sure - again it was there, a little darker :-) I can only assume my uber-long period cleared something out or reset something, and it enabled it to happen. I wanted to share my story to give everyone hope who's been trying for so long too and going through tests and thoughts of IVF. Just randomly, one month, when you don't do anything different, it'll happen, and you'll be as happy as I am now. Good luck everyone! As for me - doctors this week :-D And baby due a week before Christmas - what a present that will be!! xxx




What a great story!! Many congratulations to you!!

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