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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Almost 41 and got BFP at 11 dpo

Hello everyone so yesterday I got my BFP. When we started this journey I really didn't know what to expect. I never have had trouble *conceiving *never miscarriages Always healthy pregnancies and deliveries 4 children. Here I am 11 years later and have somewhat of a new start in life, phenomenal children but new partner. He is younger and figured this is probably going to be my last child. My new husband has never had children or been married so it was really important for me to give it a good try. They say at 40 your chances are conceiving are in about one years time. "O Man" I thought, well here we go. The second month after really trying we succeeded. I have never obsessed about looking for symptoms and as I have gotten older my body has changed before my period which really was tricking me. It was the most textbook signs this month that gave it away.Hopefully my journey below will help someone else as I was a bit lost myself. I did not use OPK tests, and BBT in the mornings or ever, but just checked my cm daily, I found out that I was ovulating on day 17 Intimacy the night before ovulation day. O DAY- Ovulation morning curled up in a ball cramping for about 3 min then I was fine 1-3 DPO- Elevated temp 99.6 dull and achy cramps felt ovaries distinctly when I sat down or bent over 3-5-DPO- Elevated temp 99.5 Cramps subsided but achy by armpits, under arms and sides of both breasts. 5-6 DPO- Elevated temp 99,6 Raised veins in Areola and blue veins going up along top of my breast to my armpit, starting to use the bathroom more, constipated three mornings in a row, horrible night terrors last night 3 times scared my husband and needless to say a very tired day the next day for both of us. 7 DPO- Temp 98.5 and crazy ache on my pelvic floor. Really weird faucet like runny nose. Very sore Vagina internally, like the start of yeast infection but more severe, (not yeast by the way, just the feeling) and achy pubic bone area buzzing feeling through the entire front. 8 DPO- Temp at 99.6 again today and only breasts feeling fuller anytime to de-bra myself was taken 9 DPO- temp still up and my husband could not sleep curled up to me due to my temps up really high while I slept 10 DPO- temp is still up and have been exhausted last two evenings. At work in the afternoon caught myself at the edge of my desk (thank goodness no one was there) Started getting a lightening or pin prick feeling inside of my. Happened for about 1/2 hour then never felt it again. Can't keep up with hubby's night owl habits. Drank cranberry juice all day thinking the pain from the day before was a bladder infection. 11 DPO- temp is still hanging on at 99.6 and breasts do not feel like normal PMS symptoms, feel like they want to pop out the top of my bra and notice I didn't really feel regular menstrual cramps. Oh and CM was in abundance all the sudden!!! Yellow tinted and globby So I decided today was the day to pull out the two First response tests I had (6 day early) used first morning urine and there was a faint second line. Totally in disbelief had no liquids and did it again and sure enough two pink lines. So 11 DPO and BFP I told my husband and we both said "Well I guessed we proved science wrong and beat the odds of conceiving at an older age" We both teared up and hugged, for me it was so much more because I now knew I would give him one thing that he wanted in his life. Don't know if anyone relates but it's hard when you have kids from previously and your new spouse has never had children but desperately wants at least one of their own. The biggest indicators: Elevated temps Veins on Areola (had with all my others) Crazy jolts in cervical area Pains in breasts on sides rather than front DPO 12- Full breasts, nipples are SENSITIVE (no bra today, working from home ; ) ), lots of potty breaks, heartburn, hips felt a bit wobbly on walk. Walked for 1 1/2 hours today. Pre- ovulation I did the following: To ensure I had enough mucas I did some doses of Robitussin Started pre-natals 6 weeks before hand Took extra Folic acid Drank 1/2 glass of milk each day Drank a lot of water Everyday had a yam for 7 days (you never know if the myth is correct for twins lol ) and at my age the odds are up (will update if there are 2) : ) Good luck everyone at 40 all I have to say is: "WE ARE NOT TOO OLD!!"
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i also have four beautiful children from previous marriage. We have been trying for a year and few months only had one CP last year and nothing after that. Been in clomid three cycles nothing. Well hopefully crossing fingers something will happen for us 

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