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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

As Cliche as it Sounds, don't give up Hope!!!

I cannot believe I'm able to post on here my BFP story along with all the hundreds I've read through over my unexplained infertility journey!! I used to call it a struggle, now I call it a journey. I could write a novel LOL! In a nutshell, a large nutshell LOL, I'm 34, Hubs is 36, and we started TTC 21 months ago. We went for a year of trying on our own as my OB/GYN suggested that. I had an exam with the Dr before we started TTC just to confirm everything was OK. I was told yep, no issues. So we tried for 6 months, nothing. Then I started using OPK to help us out, nothing. After 11 months, I went back to my Dr. He took blood, and said that I didn't have all the levels nor symptoms of PCOS, but he was going to diagnosis me with it to be able to put me on Clomid and Metformin, and that should work for us. During that time, Hubs had a SA, and no issues with him, all his counts were normal and fine. So I took Clomid and Metformin for 5 months, was prescribed for 6....nothing but weird symptoms and mood swinges on those drugs for me! Whoa! Then I went to see an RE, she told me not to take the last month of Clomid. Went in for consultation, looked like IUI was our option. As we all know, I was given the speech of the 33% of couples that have unexplained infertility...didn't like it though cause I couldn't understand if there weren't any issues, why it wasn't happening. We continued to pray for faith, hope, and a baby!! She then did an u/s and saw what could be a fibroid, but it wasn't a 'normal' fibroid. So then I had the HSG which determined the fibroid wasn't hurting anything, and my tubes were perfectly open and clear. Then we prayed we were those select few that the HSG 'cleaned' everything out and we'd get pregnant since IUI cycles don't always happen the first time, and we didn't have money for multiple rounds of IUI....well I didn't get pregnant after the HSG....I finally had my complete and utter meltdown, I'm sure many can relate. Cried like I've never cried before, and I just dropped to my knees and gave it all over to God, saying, I can't do this anymore. At that time my positive and loving Hubs was also at his breaking point, and losing we went forward with IUI. First round was Femara for 5 days, on that 5th day started Letrozle injections for 5 days, went in for monitoring - had 4 follicles growing at a good size, just not big enough to trigger O, took another night of injections, back two days later for monitoring again, and had 3 follicles large enough :) the next day Hubs gave me trigger shot in the AM, then the next morning we had our IUI!! I prayed and was very excited and hopeful!! But then was worried because we didn't get to BD the next morning just in case, but I tried my hardest not to get down and lose hope! Had my Dad's 70th bday that weekend, and tried my hardest to stay busy and positive during that TWW!!! We all know how crazy that can make you LOL! 14dpiui I took 3 HPT, 2 Dollar Store ones, and 1 First Response....ALL BFP!!! Took a test the next morning LOL,BFP, then 2 days later, BFP :) Had bloodwork yesterday 18dpiui...Confirmed with Beta of 681!!!! And all the Dr wanted was my count to be over 160 :) God can, and He will!!! I believe it, and I can't believe we are expecting our first child. No you don't have to 'just relax and it will happen', UGH hated hearing that!! BUT don't lose faith! Love each other, and keep trying and keep the faith and hope :) My Symptoms: Were less than the affects I had from the Clomid, ugh, I unfortunately had terrible symptoms on that!! 1DPIUI & 2DPIUI - extreme gas bubbles, hot flashes, and cramping 3DPIUI - 9DPIUI - nothing severe, but temp stayed up, random pinches here and there as the days went by 10DPIUI & 11DPIUI - extremely tried, very hard to get up even though I went to bed early, little nausea but chalked it up to my acid reflux I have, some dried blood when blowing nose was odd 12DPIUI & 13DPIUI - waves of nausea, but told myself it was all in my head, some cramping like slight cramping right before AF comes, acid reflux still, temp stayed up 14DPIUI - slight bloating, but no other symptoms, 3 BFP HPTs!!!!!! 15DPIUI - puked for the first time, then was fine, but started to become constipated 16DPIUI & 17DPIUI - Nausea throughout the day, but no puking, still constipated 18DPIUI - Blood work confirmed pregnancy with HCG of 681 I go back tomorrow for another beta test!!! I'm still in shock, and can't believe that after 21 months we are pregnant, and had success on our first IUI!! Truly a miracle! I'm praying for you all!!



congrat on your bfp H&H 9 months :) thanks for the prayers

Thank you all!! I truly appreciate it :) xoxoxoxo


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