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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

At 43 years old , against all odds I GOT MY BFP PREGNANT !!

Hello ladies , I , just like you was trying to read as much as I could about how to get pregnant over 40 . I'm 43 , I was ready for a 4th baby and I was told by 3 Obgyn and 2 fertility doctors that I was too old , eggs too old , 1 to 3% chance of getting pregnant at my age , risks too high etc etc etc .. I heard or read Nothing positive I must say ! I'm stubborn by nature and I'm a believer that if they did it on their own in the old ages that I could do it too !! I took matters in my own hands and I started changing a few things about my eating habits and exercise !!! 1) I don't smoke or drink and I was a vegetarian for about 8 months prior to start thinking of another baby and so , I decided to change my diet and start eating meat again ( chicken mostly , more cheese and whole wheat bread ) 2) started exercising : I ran 4 times a week for 2 miles every time and I started walking for 30 min after ovulation a few days a week ! 3) made a list of all the foods that promote blood flow and helps pregnancy and so I made a smoothie every morning combining all these ingredients !! My smoothie didn't look pretty but it sure tasted great 4)went to see my acupuncture a few times but didn't like it . 5) I tried to enjoy baby dancing and relaxed , I laid in bed for 30 min after BD and lifted my pelvis with a pillow . I never got up right after .i used the soft cup twice ( during 2-days ovulation and kept it in for 4-5 hrs each time . ) we were active everyday for 7 days during O . 6) hubby eats healthy and exercises everyday running mostly . We got him tested and his sperm count was high which was encouraging ! 7 ) I took my prenatal vitamins every day 8) I took PRIMEROSE OIL . I drank a lot of water and pomegranate juice and i had the actual grapefruit fruit every night .so yummy ! 9) took some supplements that helps improve egg quality And got my BFP 14 DPO !!! I'm sure for ladies out there that feel that there is no hope .. Believe me , if I can do it , so can you . Just take control of your life for the next few months , make the necessary changes , maybe it's exercising more or maybe it's to eat better or not drink or not smoke and I promise it will pay off . I'm sending baby dust to everyone ,hope this will inspire one person and make a change in their lives !


What was in the smoothies?

Congratulations! That's very inspiring. I'm 38 and expecting my first in January. We're hopeful that we can have more than one, so I appreciate your story and will make sure I stick with the fertility boosters after having the first one.

I am so happy to hear your story. I am also doing all these things you are doing. Your story is exactly like mine, except I am trying for # 2. I have regular menstrual cycles. I ovulate every month. I went to a fertility doctor and got all test possible, done. Everything is normal. I know that if I still have my periods regularly and ovulate I will eventually get pregnant. I am using soft cups and pre-seed. Thank you for your story. If i had faith before, i am now sure I will get pregnant this cycle. I am on the 2 weeks wait. Thank you

I've just had my third IUI cycle, I'm single so I'm using a donor, to conceive my first child, and I'm forty in a month. I like to think that one day I'll meet Mr right and we can have children together, as well as the one I'm trying to have now, so your story gives me hope. I'm three days into my tww, having some great symptoms already. Nipples are crazy sensitive. For this cycle, I too changed things, as I had an ectopic with my first IUI a year ago, and a BFN with my second IUI. I've been drinking the pomegranate juice religiously, taking systemic enzymes, I'm even trying the pineapple core. Trying to eat less processed foods, I have one coffee a month if that, don't add sugar to anything, can't remember the last time I had any alcohol. I even went to a ten day health retreat to learn to eat and exercise better. I've also been taking Ovaboost and took fertilityblend up until day 1 of this cycle, says not to take with Clomid so I stopped. Ovaboost had no such warning, so I'm keeping on with that for now, it's just vitamins and minerals really no Vitex which is what messes with the Clomid. So I think you might be right about changing your lifestyle. It obviously won't work for everybody, some have other fertility issues, but it's certainly worth a try.

Oh, apparently you can't have "thank you" as a subject because it triggers the sp*m filter. I have seen some sp*m on this site clear as day, my messages are not to be confused with sp*m, I'm not advertising anything.

Hi congrats. I was wondering if you could tell us all of Inhredients you would put in the smoothie and what supplements for improved egg quality did you take? Thank you for answering in advance. These two changes I think could be crucial so would love to try.

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