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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Baby #5 at 42, hoping for #6 at 45 :-)

Proud mama of 5, four older kids are 20, 19, 18 and 15 from previous marriage. I remarried at 40 finally finding my perfect partner. Got pregnant right away but lost him 17w5d with cord x4 tight around his neck. At 41 I got pregnant again naturally no fertility or supplements. I ovulated on day 12, so day 11 and 13 BD. On a 28 day cycle day 23 I had implantation spotting and mild AF cramps and a dull ache. I knew I was pregnant but waited until I officially missed my period by 2 days to not get my hopes up then torn down. I had a beautiful pregnancy and delivered Vera c section at 38 weeks. She is awesome. At age 2 I'm still breastfeeding and think this month might bring baby #6 ... have to wait another week at least but crossing my appendages! I live in Turkey and eat clean organic foods from villages and never eat out. Successful pregnancy starts from day 1 but can be affected by a lifetime of bad eating so my advice is eat raw foods and sleep, but be happy. Good luck, ladies!


What foods are you eating exactly?

Please make sure you update! I too am breastfeeding a baby I had at 44, she is 20 months old now, I got cycles back at 7 mos, trying for another no luck yet, but I am only recently stopping all night feeds. she now for past 2 weeks goes 12 hours then nurses maybe 3-4x in day, not too long. If you get bfp, tell what is BF schedule down to.

AMAZINGLY INSPIRATIONAL!!!! I'm 42 with a 20 year old, just met THE ONE! We are the same age, he has a 20 year old girl like I do! He wants a son, and I want a FAMILY!!!!

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