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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

bd 3/4 days before ov. positive hpt 9dpo

Hello ladies,

Currently in a state of shock here, I am 31 years old, have a 3 yr old daughter. Experienced a loss at 22 weeks before dd. I came off cerazette in February and cycles returned to 28 days (but only 12 day luteal phase) in April. This month I wasn't expecting anything as husband away and only got to bd once 3 or 4 days prior to ov!! I've been taking a prenatal multi vitamin daily for a few months, just a supermarket brand.

Here are the symptoms....

Cd1 28th June
cd11 bd late evening
cd15/16 ov cramps
cd18/3dpo mild sporadic cramps not unusual for me.
4dpo lots of creamy cm and so moody it's ridiculous! Increased urination.
5dpo as above but also feel like I might be getting thrush (start wondering if this is a genuine sign as only happens when pregnant) again giving myself whiplash with mood swings! Lol.
6dpo lots of creamy cm
7dpo mild cramps and creamy cm but also I notice literally the smallest pinky orange dots on the tissue when I wiped. Put it down to potential thrush.
8dpo creamy cm but nowhere near as much. Nausea in the evening. ..really hit me.
9dpo cm drying up, nausea first thing in the morning. Decide to test with Internet cheapie and got a faint bfp.... definitely not evap as there's a shade of pink to it.
10dpo (current day!) Use a clear blue digital 4 days before af is due and get "PREGNANT" result!

Early days but fingers crossed for a healthy sticky bean.

Good luck to you all and remember that you know your body and what is different for you personally when symptom spotting! Xx

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