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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Best Gift Ever!

Today I am officially pregnant with Baby #2! Both my babies will be IUI babies now. Thank you science! It took 3 IUI's this time since we just kept trying what worked the first time around. Took much longer back then - 3IUI's, failed IVF, and 3 more IUI's to get baby #1.

Here is the breakdown from this time around: [Non medicated cycle, except for neupogen for my lining issues)

Day 14 - Ultrasound (5mm lining) & Neupogen (this drug has helped thicken my lining, which stops around 5mm without it.)
Day 17 - Morning - Ultrasound (6mm lining) & Neupogen - 1 Follicle around 22MM, HCG Trigger shot given that morning.
Day 18 - Morning IUI#1 - DH count - 6.46M 85% Mot (1/2 fresh/ 1/2 frozen)
Day 19 - Morning IUI#2 - DH count - 4.5M 85% Mot (1/2 fresh/ 1/2 frozen)
1DPIUI - 6DPIUI - No Symptoms
7DPIUI - Vivid Dreams, Emotional, & Twinges.
12DPIUI - OPT = YES!!!!

We were so happy to finally have our first baby after 3 years of trying, but after finding the right doctor (Thanks Dr. El-Roiy!) and trying different things we feel so incredibly lucky. I know how hard and heartbreaking it can be especially dealing with a low count or lining issues. My husband had to freeze 4 samples in order to reach those small numbers above, but it just proves that you should not give up hope and that a small count can work eventually! Wish everyone luck and happiness in the new year.


Congrats to you and your husband!

Congrats! This is so reassuring - my husband is pretty much sterile so we have to use donors no matter what. We had our first IUI last cycle (failed), we took a break this cycle and we will try again next. Thank you for giving me hope! 

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