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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BfaintP 22 DPO!

For all of you ladies “wondering” whether or not you’re pregnant, have hope!  Even just the feeling that you are pregnant is worth it. I just “felt” weird, and that was hopeful. I’m 25 with an 18 month old daughter.

Unfortunately I had the dreaded "three week wait" because i got the positive 5 days after my missed period, and boy was it ever hard! I took 8 tests (a little obsessive, i know) that were all negative before actually finally getting a faint BFP yesterday, and again this morning. BFP 22 DPO!

My symptoms started right away with cramping. I knew right around when i ovulated because i am one of the blessed few to have that "mittelschmerz" ovary pain. We made love every other day, including the day i thought i may be ovulating. I felt weird lower abdominal pressure, and was crampy for about a week. Then into the second week, I started feeling a bit tired, had (and still do) achy leg- specifically my right leg, constipation, gas, bloating, a little nausea, and watery cervical mucus- nothing extreme. The bits of nausea made me keep thinking to myself, “this is not normal....” There were a few days where I felt like I might have started my period (7 and 8 DPO). Some of the cramps I had were more like focused  sharp/twingy pains on either side. I had a few twinges in the sides of my boobies here and there, but never got “sore” and only a little sensitive- which actually made me think that maybe I wasn’t pregnant because with my first pregnancy  I was ultra sore in my boobies. I did however think that maybe my boobies had gotten a little fuller 12DPO, and I needed to pee more often. Around 11 DPO is when I started to feel more tired, and even had a few cravings- cheese quesadilla (LOL!) and spicy food (just like first pregnancy). Come the third week of waiting I was a bit more nauseous than usual which brought back my hope of pregnancy because why on earth would I be feeling sick before my period? My sense of smell has only just increased, but wasn’t anything to note at first. I started having really VIVID dreams about 14 DPO and they are still crazy now, though no “baby dreams” yet.

My LMP was june 21st (me and my hubby’s 3 year anniv.) which lasted 5 days (normal). It was a 28 day cycle, with the prior month being 27, and the month before that being 33. I'm lightly irregular. The 21st, the day AF arrived, is the day in which we decided not to prevent having another child (so exciting!!). I didn’t think that this first cycle would actually result in a pregnancy just because I have friends who’ve been hoping for a baby for some time now with no blessing yet. We know that children are a gift from  God as it says in Psalm 127, and that blessed is the man who has his quiver full of them.... So we are thrilled!!!! If all goes well, and we are healthy, our little girl is going to be a big sister, whoa!

It can totally happen. Be sensitive to your body, pray often, and if God is pleased to bless you, then He surely will. Remain hopeful even when your body isn’t showing you signs that might be pregnant, like everyone else’s because everybody is so different, and continue to hope.

here's to you!!


Hey! I was so happy to read your news... I have similar ones and our cycles are identical! mine this past year have flunctuated but thank god I still have my cycle monthly! My last period was June 24 and I have the same symptoms as you! I took a test today and it said negative.. Still no period though! I will keep testing ;) I just feel really bad and its not normal.. something is Up:-) Thanks for giving us all hope that sometimes you dont get your BFP until later!!

sometimes the news just comes later, and not at 8 or 10 dpo, which seems to be when a lot of women get their BFP's. I knew i felt strange though! keep trying, and let me know what you get!! :)

I had to laugh when I read the part in your post about taking 8 tests; I have taken up to 10-- my defense is this: what else are you supposed to do when your period is over a week late?!? With my DS I probably took 8 or 9, and didn't get a BFP until 16 DPO.  I'm only 8 DPO right now and I took one this afternoon (I know, waste of a test but I can't help myself!) Praise God for blessing you with a child, I pray that your pregnancy is full of joy! I love how you quoted the quiver-full verse, our message at church yesterday was exactly about that (we know many with a WHOLE quiver full, 8+ kiddos!) Anyway, congrats and blessings!

Congratulations!! You mentioned no soreness in BBs? I'm exactly same stage in pregnancy as you with same LMP and like you, have no soreness or swelling of BBs which was the first sign with my son. Has got me a little concerned.
Have yours started to get tender or sore yet??
Thanks :)

Hi there!
I guess ur post is quite old one as in August 2011 :) and I hope everyting is good at ur side!
I was going through all the Early symp stories and read ur's and so wanted to comment :)
 I had all your symptoms and had bbs sorness only for a wk before Periods, after that my all symptoms vanished! no backache, no cramps, no sore bbs! All i was left wid was a lil heaviness on rt side of lower abdomen, nipples abit more sensitive and slightly increased in sizewid no color change or anything!
And above all I had my BFP at CD 40...... had to wait 10 days past my Periods. Though I had BFaintP 2 days after my periods :)

16 dpo no implantation bleeding or spotting and no AF MADE LOVE FROM 19-24 of June 2013 my fertile week ovulated the 24th AF 3 days late feeling real tired only want certain foods and my lower back hurts boobs dnt hurt and not sore very gassy(TMI) very thirsty all the time skin is clear complexion gorgeous have an appt. Tuesday the 16th baby dust to you and me may GOD BLESS YOU ALL

no af, no real symptoms, no sore boobies. I just feel like going to bed!! I have light nausea after I eat. Headaches and I'm just tired. I was supposed to see af 6 days ago. I want to test but I don't want my hopes up and then be let down.

Very irregular on 3rd cycle of clomid BD 1 day before positive opk then never again because my boyfriend got sick. 22dpo ,8 day late and 37th day of my cycle ,lower back pain,abdominal cramping, a lot of discharge way more than usual a little tingling here and there from my boobs.Tested yesterday bfn waiting until day 40 to do another urine then blood.

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