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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Bfn 10dpo BFP 18dpo

I want to cry so bad. Finally. Ive only been ttc 4cycles but still it feels like its been forever. I dont remember all my symptoms cuz i was trying not to symptom spot but aside from heartburn not much just migranes i really thought i was out. Last cycle i was so sure i was pregnant but nope aunt flo came to visit. My bbt was elevated the entire time but i tested at 10dpo got a bfn thought ok might be early tested 13dpo bfn. Thought i was out but read that sometimes you dont get a bfp until u miss your period. So waited till 15dpo one day after missed period....B.F.N. I was so upset i mean i wasnt having symptoms but still my bbt was elevated wth is something wrong with me talked to DH n he got upset thought he was shooting blanks. So woke up 3days later .. Still no period like wtf i actually flipped a coin tails i dont heads i test but mid flip i Thought shouldn't it be tails i test. Well it was heads but though ok i changed my mind mid flip better try again i didnt even flip i swear it jumped out my hand n landed on tails i test. So im like ok GOD this better be a sign. So i tested couldnt even look went to the kitchen took out some popcorn to make. Sat down came back n it say YES+. It took all my control not to scream
. Finally at 18dpo BFP
So ladies its not over till AF comes didnt get my bfp untill 18dpo


Congratulations!  Fingers crossed for a happy and healthy 9 mos. 

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