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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP #1, 13DPO!

TTC for baby #1 for 3 months, but even with only those first 2 failed cycles I sincerely feel everyone's pain and anguish - I mean how strong are we women for putting ourselves through this month after month, both physically and mentally?! These boards gave me hope so coming to share my BFP story, however honestly I'm still pretty shocked as I thought for sure we had missed our window this month. Bottom line - I mostly felt like I was having my normal PMS symptoms, and was sure AF was coming this weekend. The ONLY different symptoms during this 2WW (and really - just that last week when the actual implantation happens) for me were the following: DPO 8, 9, 10: An increase in creamy white cervical mucus; I mean like a coin sized dollop in my underwear on days 8, 9, gross. DPO 8, 9, 10, 11, etc: Headaches! I'm usually accustomed to headaches whenever I miss a meal or am not getting enough sleep (which I was getting), so I was confused and therefore kept eating to eat the headache away. Can't tell if there was also an increase in appetite or if I was just trying to eat away the headache. DPO 11, 12: Mild period cramps started, however they would come and go. Then on the night of the 11th as I was falling asleep I had the strangest cramping sensation in my stomach; almost like a wave went through my abdomen to the point I woke up and wad like "woah, ok THAT was weird". That last cramping sensation on the night of DPO11 was the only thing that lingered in my mind as not a typical PMS symptom. My period (AF) was due on Sunday (DPO14) so I woke up this morning and planned to take a test with first morning urine (FMU) to rule out pregnancy in case I wanted to have a drink with dinner (hey, it's saturday night!) Sure enough, a stark double line showed up, clear as day. I tested again this time with a Clear Blue Digital test, and the YES+ showed up to confirm! I'm still super early which brings on an entire new wave of anxiety and emotions, but trying to take it easy and enjoy the moment. As far as what we did differently this month -- it was the first cycle that I tried using the ClearBlue digital ovulation predictor kit (OPK). I peed on the stick every morning until I got the smiley face which indicates the LH surge, meaning ovulation is going to happen within the next 12-24 hours. We BD'd the afternoon of the smiley and again the next day (Sat & Sun). However come Mon & Tues, I had clear as day EWCM and was upset thinking the OPK must be wrong and I should listen to my body and should have BD'd on Mon / Tues (which I couldn't, as the hubby was out of town). So in any case, I would recommend the ClearBlue digital OPK for anyone who hasn't tried that yet! Definitely took the guess work out! Gluck to all!


Congrats! I felt a similar wave of cramps in my stomach/uterus at 6dpo ... Woke me up at 3 am... I never felt that before but I convinced myself I was probably dreaming... Is encouraging to know someone else has felt it and got a BFP :) ...I'm planning to test until 14dpo in three days ... This is our first cycle ttc#1 and the 2ww is insane, I feel like my mind is playing games on me... I decided to buy myself gym clothes if it is negative :p obviously I'll be more happy with a BFP hehe... Anyway thank you for sharing and hope you have a great pregnancy :) congrats again!!!

Good luck @Cinaga! I totally treated myself with wine and sushi after my BFN's! But hopefully you won't be purchasing the gym clothes :) I still can't get over how crazy the mind/body tricks are during the's so hard to just ignore them. Hopefully that cramp was the same thing I felt and it's a good sign! Thanks for the well wishes and good luck to you!

Some other symptoms may include. An elevation in the basal body temperature occurs shortly after ovulation and persists until the next menstrual period occurs. Persistence of the elevated basal body temperature beyond the time of the expected menstrual period is another sign of early pregnancy. Women may notice a deepening of the color of the area surrounding the nipple, called the areola and/or a dark line going down from the middle of the central abdomen area to the pubic area (known as the linea nigra). Some degree of darkening of the areola persists after pregnancy in many women, but the lineal nigra typically disappears in the months following delivery of the baby. Some women may develop a so-called "mask of pregnancy" in the first trimester, referring to a darkening of the skin on the forehead, bridge of the nose, upper lip, or cheeks. The darkened skin is typically present on both sides of the face. Doctors refer to this condition as melisma or chloasma, and it is more common in darker-skinned women than those with lighter skin. Melasma can also occur in some conditions other than pregnancy. Women who have a family history of melasma are at greater risk of developing this sign of pregnancy.

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