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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 10 dpo

Hi everyone!! I can't believe it's finally my turn to post here!!

We've been trying for baby #2 since the summer. This was our 5th cycle trying. This month I used Wondfo ovulation strips. I kept them taped on a piece of paper so I could actually see the progression in the darkness of the line. In doing that, I know I ovulated on 12/26, which was cycle day 16 for me. We BDed on cycle days 12 & 14, and that's it.

Here's my dpo story.. it's pretty lame.
1-6dpo - Nothing. Notta. Felt completely normal and fine, worked out, drank wine, didn't think anything of it.

7dpo - This morning I had a lot of EWCM that was yellow tinged after working out. Then, I had cramping all day. It wasn't bad, but it was noticeable. Also, I could have sworn I felt some tingling in my nipples, but then again I thought I was imagining things.

8dpo - This was Tuesday and was the first day back to work since the new year break. I got so overwhelmed when I sat at my desk that I cried for the first hour of work. I cried so much and I couldn't stop. It was embarrassing. That was my first clue that this might be the month.

9dpo - back to normal, felt a little tingling in my nipples, but again, could have been imagining it.

10dpo - I woke up sweating this morning, and it was COLD in my bedroom. This was about the 3rd hot flash I've had this week, so I decided to test. I tested with about 3rd morning urine and got a BFP on a FRER Digital.

The first couple of months I started trying, I literally OBSESSED about it, like I'm sure many of you are doing. Finally, I told myself I couldn't keep doing that. It was stressing me out even more. So, I decided to stop logging every single symptom on my app, and only use it to log my periods and see when my fertile window was. Plus, hubby said it was stressing him out knowing he had to perform on a certain day. I firmly believe stress impacts fertility!! Also, a friend gave me the Wondfo strips, and this was the first month of using those. They were definitely helpful.

Good Luck to all of you trying!!!

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