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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

bfp 10 dpo

Hello ladies, my husband and i did not think that i could get pregnant this time around. Last birth exsperiance was complicated and brought me near death. I suffered from sepsis and a rectus hematoma that required a drain for a month and 4 blood transfusions. So we thought that exsperiance would complicate future ttc. Our daughter was born healthy and beautiful:)Anyways just thought id give u a back story lol. Okay so when our daughter turned 1 we wanted to try because we figured it would probably take forever. Every cycle for 7 months was a emotional one. I felt broken and like im letting my husband down. The witch kept comming early. I would wipe and see heart would drop and remind me of my exsperiance. Then 8th mnth came around. We bd every two days of my fertile window. We tried the everyday thing and i swear my egg was overdosing lol. Needless to say i ovulated march 18th . My cm was white and milky plus i was horney lol. Okay so heres the run down of cycle days 1-3dpo nothing crickets chirping 4dpo-6dpo cramps wth way too early for period. Sides of boobs hurt not really bad just achy.hmmm odd. 7dpo-9dpo thinking is it just me or does my boobs look like a map of veins. Reasearch obsession kicks in lol. Cervix check uh hard low and slightly open. Lets be real my cervix will never fully close because of prevous kids:) but at the time worried about it. Sides of boobs still achy but nipples more sensitive....not always a bad thing.Not allot of mucus 10dporeally crampy. did a $ test assured faint faint linein the morning. 3 hrs later took first signal 88cent test BFP omg how could this be?? My blood rushed to my head.WOW! A pink line faint but def there. Got darker through out the day. Showed husband he was so excited 11dpo really crampy darker line yay!!!!started feeling really tired exhausted ran down. Stomach upset. And bad bm. 12 dpo still tired same as above but now bad gas stinky i know tmi but true 13dpo peeing more often. Like okay i get up in the morning and the pee was releasing itself on my starwars blanket. I helplessly had no control. Just being real with u guys. At this poit cm got thicker cervix closed alittle more. 14dpo pee syndrom becoming a problem in the morning lol. Took a clear blue digi and line one def positive.omg i cant believe it. 15dpo aka today same as above more out of beath when talking. Oh i want to tell u ladies ur cervix does not have to be shut and soft early.ur temp might flunctuate. Dont stress. Your BFP will come. If you have any questions ill be happy to answer


So exciting

congrats ! what were your temps like, my chart has me thinking im either out or didnt ovulate 

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