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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 10 DPO! 2nd baby (first is only 9 mo old! Eeee!!)

When hubby and I had our first DD, the plan was to wait two years until trying for another. Funny how plans don't seem to work and here we are with another (very faint but still there) BFP 10 DPO!!! When I showed him the PG test I was nervous about what he would say, but he is over the moon and that makes me feel so much better! We, of course,are going to wait to tell family and friends until we know that it's a viable pregnancy... but with having two babies back to back, I am pretty sure I will start showing a lot sooner than I did with my first DD. Anyway I wanted to share my good news as well as send baby dust to all of you who are still in your TWW!! Here are the "symptoms" 1 and 2dpo=nothing 3dpo=dull ache that turned to stabbing pains in my right ovary, almost as if a cyst was about to burst 4dpo=ovary pain subsiding but still there, noticeable dizzy spell when walking in the house from the car 5dpo=slight nausea, woke up with sore throat and slight stuffy nose 6dpo=sore bb’s, full blown sinus infection, extreme fatigue, can’t get out of bed but 9mo DD needs me! haha tough day 7dpo=full blown cold added to sinus infection, body temp increased, too tired to shower, hard day with DD, sore back 8dpo=sinus infection/cold starting to go away (weird), HUNGRY for nachos and Chinese food. BFN with dollar tree test. bad insomnia that night and vivid dreams once I fell asleep 9dpo=HUNGRY and tired, sinus infection/cold gone. twinges in abdomen. FAINT BPF on FRER! woohoo! 10dpo=same as yesterday and another noticeable dizzy spell. Took Kroger pg test, BFP...oh we go!
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This pg ended in mc at 10 weeks...please see new BFP post: bfp 19 DPO after m/c and cp.

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