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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 10 DPO! Still in Shock!!! No Symptoms!!!

Hey ladies, I got my BFP a few days ago when I was 10DPO. I'm still in complete shock and my brain hasn't even processed it yet. The craziest thing is that I have zero symptoms, nothing at all, not one, no sore/tender boobs, no sensitive smell, no cramps, no nausea, nothing at all! I feel exactly the same which is why it' so hard to believe. The crazier thing is that I conceived while I had a yeast infection, I thought there was no chance of it happening since a yeast infection makes it a hostile environment for the sperm. I actually tried something new, my opk was positive so I knew I'd be ovulating in the next 24 hours, I decided to use rephresh gel several hours before we bd'd, I saw it in the store in the same aisle as the pregnancy tests, on the box it says it's clinically proven to normalize your ph balance to prevent yeast infections so I thought why not? Let me try it. When I used it, I thought there's no way this can work, because the gel is thick white and creamy and all I heard was that sperm can't survive in that. Oh and we also used pressed so maybe it was the combination of both. Anyway, so we did the dead and I lost all hope lol. During my TWW I had absolutely no expectations of a BFP because of everything I wrote above. I checked completely on a whim when I was 10 dpo not expecting anything, I just wanted peace of mind and to my complete shock I saw a second line. I was shaking and in shock lol. I proceeded to take 6 tests both first response & the Clear blue digital tests which actually tell you pregnant or not pregnant. All said pregnant and I still couldn't believe it lol. I guess all 6 can't be false positives tough. I'm 4 weeks and 1 day today and will see the doctor in 2 weeks. I just pray that this is a sticky bean. I wanted to write this post to help all the other ladies out there who are losing hope because they have no symptoms in the 2ww, it's still possible to get your bfp with no symptoms, don't give up hope, good luck to everyone out there!


Thank you! I am 11DPO and no real symtoms...thinking to test now the afternoon...what do you think.

Not sure what to tell you, if yo've seen many bf's in the past maybe it's best to wait till after you've missed your period but if not then just try it, you never know

I decided why not? And I got the BFP! yay!
Congratulations to you!
I hope we have strong, healthy babies! Yay!

Yay!!!!! Congrats yo you! That's amazing :)

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