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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Bfp 10 dpo, unexpected symptoms

This is my second conception during a very stressful month. With my first baby, I was finishing my dissertation, graduating, hosting both sets of parents, presenting at a major conference, and dealing with my dad's cancer diagnosis. This time, I was hosting a conference, submitting a paper for review, and hosting my parents. Clearly, "relax and it will happen" is not in my playbook!

Anyway, here's how it happened. We were busy, then sick, then hosting, so only 2 attempts this month. We did a fertility workup with #1, so we knew to take mucinex, due to hubby's high viscosity. His counts were low when we checked a couple years ago, so we were surprised it happened quickly this time. I'm 37, he is 38.

CD14: EWCM, high on cbfm, bd at night
CD15: EWCM, peak on cbfm, bd at night.
CD16: EWCM, FF says ov day. Parents arrive, no more bd!
4-5 DPO: lotiony CM (happens sometimes).
6 DPO Tired and happy. Feel like cold starting. Some time in here I randomly got vesicular athletes foot, which I got last pregnancy from a bad pedi then never got again. Didn't think much of it.
7 DPO: exhausted, some cramping at night. Still feel like cold coming. Bloated. (Bloating not unusual.)
8 DPO notes seem worth sharing: EWCM! Was I wrong about ovulation date? Or is period coming? Have been bloated a couple of days. Insane if this is ovulation. Poor, stressed out body! Otoh, have pooped like 3x today so could be period. Blood on tissue when blew nose at night. Maybe it's just progesterone, middle of month stuff.
9 DPO: hosted BIG conference. Presented a paper at it. Attended dinner until late. Exhausted but fun. Was emotional when it ended -- felt I had underperformed, even though it was GREAT. Slight cramping continues. More blood with nose blowing.
10 DPO: took 2h nap middle of day. Also had carpal tunnel in right wrist -- strange for me! More blood with nose blowing. We had a double date planned, and I had been drinking 2 nights straight already. Felt really hot while napping with daughter. Decided I should test before going out. BFP on CB digital. It came up in about 30 seconds. Mind blown.

It's only 11 DPO today. Still have big waves of fatigue, cramping. Super excited!! Hoping it sticks, of course.

Good luck, all. I figured I'd be waiting another year for a bfp, like last time, with this site to keep me company. Here's hoping that won't be the case :)


I wish you all the best!

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