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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


So lets make a long story short. I have 5 children and getting older and have a 26 day cycle. I only used the ovulation calculator to have a girl. I hoped it worked. I will let you know when the gender test is available. Here are my symptoms and best to luck to you all. I followed the ovulation calculator and I hope I have a girl.

CD 1-5 menstruation

CD-10, 3 days prior to ovulation, wasn't in the mood to have sex, scant cm but I wanted a girl, just layed there, the calendar said no orgasm and trust I didnt have one lol. I lifted my legs in the air against the wall for 30 min or so then went to bed.

CD 11-12 couldn't have sex, say the calendar for the girl so I didn't.

CD 13 is the day I have ovulated

1dpo- nothing

2dpo- nothing

3dpo- fell into a deep sleep, sleeping beauty, no waking me up, must slept 14 hours, had sex which was great and it was the day I could have sex so I was happy

4dpo- MMMM same thing no waking up or getting out of bed.

5dpo- cramping very dull just annoying

6dpo- woke up hungry with stomach growling has not happened before so I ate breakfast which I do not do at all. cramping continued

7dpo- I has to force feed myself unable to eat, three bites I was done and fell asleep. Mouth watery kept spitting

8dpo- I fell asleep at work for about an hour without noticing that I was sleep, not hungry at all, stomach cramping

9dpo- Sleepy didnt want to eat just ugh feeling, checked my cervix, high hard like a rock

10dpo- cervix high hard, cramping continues, thin runny cm

11dpo- cervix high, BFN, I knew I was out for this month just waiting for the extremely sharp cramp that comes that isnt here mmmmmm ok I will wait

12dpo- my legs and bottom part of my body is on fire, I am extremely hot, just my lower half. Junked it out at work, cupcakes, reese cups, cheetos, 4 mountain dews lol I thinking body stocking up for af!!!!

13dpo- my cervix drop so low and hard but closed, creamy thin cm, kept thinking I was going to start anytime and I will try again next month.

14 dpo- so usually I start at midnight through 2 am, nothing, so I was like you are just stressed. Continued to have cramping and hunger so I ate. I turned onto the interstate leaving work and both underarms were sore near my breast. Went and bought a FREP test and instantly 2 lines BFP!!!!!!!.

15dpo- Cramping in lower abdomen, nothing major, super hungry but only eat a little until I dont like it anymore...

Best WISHES!!!!

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