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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 10dpiui w/ Femara, Trigger and First Time IUI

Trying to keep my excitement at bay, because I know I need to stay cautiously optimistic.
Bit of background- I am 26, DH 28. Married shy of 5 years. Diagnosed with PCOS around age 21 although I knew since my preteen years that I was different from other girls when I noticed my erratic period arrival and length (I’d get it 2-3x/year and would be very heavy lasting 2-3 weeks!) got on BC at age 18 – 23. Started using condoms knowing my body will need at least a year to recoup from BC pills and by then hopefully we could start ttc’ing. Not the case. I didn’t get my first period after stopping BC until 13 months after- NOT NORMAL. Went to OBGYN who offered Provera to start up a cycle. Did that a few times with ovulation monitoring with WONDFO test strips, never got a positive ovulation. Summer of 2015 I started seeing a Naturopath hoping to get my cycles going naturally. 6 months later and A LOT of money lost, my cycle was still all over the place with no positive ovulation. Went back to OBGYN who prescribed 3 months of Clomid 50mg, unmonitored, and said if I’m not prego by month #3, he would direct me to RE. Tried 1 cycle and nothing- no ovulation, no period. I knew and read this wasn’t a great med to keep taking and taking so I wanted to be monitored closely if I was to try it again.
Friend offered me to check out a well-known fertility clinic in MD and surrounding states. DH and I got checked, all levels came back normal, hubbies sperm count came to 34mil with good mobility motility and morphology. All my levels and HSG came back normal except for the fact that I don’t ovulate. Clomid cycle #1 was 100mg for 7 days with Ovidrel trigger shot and timed intercourse. I did ovulate but BFN. 2nd cycle I was offered to try Femara. Did 5mg cycle day 3-7, but when I went in for follicle scans on CD 12, 13 and 14 the largest follicle I had was 11mm and wasn’t growing. Since my hormone levels were still very low, doc said I didn’t have to bleed again; we could start another medicated cycle as if I just started my period. So CD15 really turned into CD3 and I started femara again for 5 days. LADIES! I’m convinced the follicles didn’t grow the first Femara cycle because I was extremely stressed out at work at that time! Stress will totally affect TTC’ing!
So, this second cycle of Femara seemed to do the trick for us! Oh, with the combination of IUI and trigger shot of course! Hubby’s count came in at 5mil post wash (I thought from just hearing that number we would be out this cycle because I’ve heard of couples having WAY more post wash and still not getting prego). Here were my day to day symptoms starting day of IUI (I was testing out the trigger shot starting 1dpIUI):
Day of IUI
Extreme heavy pains very low and close to anal gland - so weird! Periodic hot face
Slept extremely well, very vivid dream. Gassy early morning & afternoon and continues thru the day, right ovary twinges, hot face
A lot of sneezing, snotty, bloated
Gagged dinner up, bloated
Constipation, woke up to weird and really large very red mark on right hand hand
Constipation, nauseous, sleepy
Constipation, heart burn
Right ovary pulling & cramps, extreme irritability and constipation, ringing in ears
Itchy nipples
Broke out on my forehead with never before seen red blotches after morning shower, cramps in lower pelvic area, ringing in ears, light lower back pain, first time I see a test getting a shade darker
Extreme exhaustion- slept from 6:30pm-3am on couch (and I am NOT one to take naps), leg muscle cramps, first positive on FRER, NO NEED TO SQUINT!
Darker FRER, darker Wondfo, Darker target brand blue dye test, appetite disappeared!
(as seen in picture) all tests getting darker
15dpiui bloodwork level came in at 206! Norm for this day in the pregnancy is 100 so we are definitely prego!

Early signs-
Extreme cramp (felt like near anal gland) lasting 10-15 minutes about 2 hours after IUI
Noticed BO changed / was really bad
Occasional ringing ears throughout TWW
Muscles would tense
AF cramps 9dpiui-14dpiui
Heartburn on and off

What i did-
Letrozol/Femara 5mg cd3-7
Ovidrel shot cd12
IUI cd14
Pineapple core cd15-17
Progesterone suppositories cd15-current
Vitafol Ultra Prenatal daily
Red Wine 4-5oz almost every day during TWW (not recommended but it’s what I did to pass the time and relax in the evenings)

Good Luck to all you ladies! Praying for you all, I know this waiting game is excruciatingly dreadful! Hang in there; there are so many options before the expensive IVF! Look into fertility clinics- they are amazing and the docs have so much knowledge! WAY more than OBGYN when it comes to infertility!


Hey, I just wanted to say congratulations!!!!! I wish you a very easy, smooth pregnancy!!!

What's pineapple core(may be I've missed it).... 

Hi Malila! Thank you so much! Very exciting times :)

Pineapple core is something i totally recommend you look into! I read that it works like a natural version of aspirin.. it helps with blood flow in the system which in turn helps with implantation. I've read you dont want to eat it before ovulation though, only after confirmed ovulation. Its literally exactly what it sounds like- the center core of a pineapple. What i did was cut the top and the skin off of the pineapple, then laid it on its side and cut about 6-7 round peices right across to give you "circular wheels" lol. put them all in tupperware and ate one every morning before work. They say its the very center tough part that has what you need, but i wouldnt dare throw away the fleshy part of the pineapple! so i just took one round every morning and cut it across a few times into little pizza slice shapes and ate it that way. super easy and worth a try! i wish someone could tell me exactly what it was this month that did the trick, but until then i'll assume everything had an equal part in this BFP! Good luck and baby dust to you Malila!

Hi, my journey sounds close to yours I hope I also see 2 lines after this tww. I'm so glad you posted about your feelings of each dPiui. Now I just check your post instead of searching stuff all day. 

This is what I did:

Femara cd 4-8

Scan cd 12, 2 good sized follies and good uterine lining

Ovitrelle shot cd 13

Iui cd 14

there was 24 mil good sperm, 98%motility

Congratulations, so exciting it must be after the wait to get positive results. I wish u a healthy happy 9months and thank you again for your post. Today is 1st day of my tww


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