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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 10dpo

Hi! I am a doctor, 37 years old, and a mom of an 8 year old boy. My fiance and I have been trying to conceive for a year. We had 2 miscarriages - twins at 12 weeks in Aug 2010 and a 7 week miscarriage April 5 2011.

I used OPK's and found that I ovulate on day 12 normally of a 26 day cycle. I used prometrium 200mg twice daily orally from day 15-28 during the cycle before we conceived and it moved me to a full 28 day cycle.  On the very next cycle, I used OPK day 10 and got a light line, day 11 it was a little darker but still not matching the control, day 12 OPK showed no line! So we BD'd on days 8, 10 & 12.  I assumed ovulation occurred between day 10-12.. my temperature has stayed up. Normally after ovulation I notice feeling cooler, and I want to wear pj's to bed even in the summer - but this cycle I was hot! I didn't even want blankets and would wake up in the middle of the night feeling warm. I have not had any breast tenderness. So far...

1dpo low cramping pain
2dpo hungry all day, tired by 7pm, went to bed early
3dpo nothing
4dpo awoke in the night with some cramping & had to pee (don't usually wake)
5dpo tired, feeling no energy, but had to stay up to make food, went to bed early
6dpo began progesterone cream 20mg in a.m. and p.m. applied to inner thighs
7dpo cramping pain in the a.m. - sort of like af; continued prog cream, creamy EWCM; MOODY - very sensitive!
8dpo creamy EWCM, maybe a little nausea?
9dpo creamy EWCM, not feeling very hungry
10dpo feels very moist down there, slight twinge pain in right ovary region, BFP (HCG 20), some nausea,
11dpo some sensation that there is something going on in lower abdomen, a little nausea; clear light pink smear that is mucousy only when wiping.

No breast tenderness yet! Nausea seems like it is building up to a whole lotta fun! Best wishes to everyone - don't give up if you don't have many symptoms!


This is my first cycle on prometruim too! I'm 12dpo, so far all the test I've taken are BFNs >/. I'm not giving up hope yet though.

Yes! Don't give up. I read that prometrium can stimulate good ovulation for the cycle after you start using it, and that's exactly what happened for me. After last cycle using prometrium for the first time, I switched back to the Emerita pro-gest cream 20mg used twice daily because it has similar bioavailability as the oral capsule without the side effects (woozy - dreamland).

Also, The only reason I got a BFP on day 10 was that I work in a hospital and I just did a blood test. My HCG was low, only 20, so next test 48 hours later if that number doubles, should mean I am on the right tract. Most people get BFP on day 13-17. So keep trying!

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