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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP - 10dpo

This was our first cycle TTC our first baby & boy did we get lucky! I have to say first and foremost that we could not feel anymore blessed than we do right now. I started using opk's and got my positive on CD12, so I marked ovulation on CD13! We ended up having sex four times in total around this time, making sure we missed a day in the middle to replenishes the swimmers! As this was our first time, I can't say I did anything out of the ordinary! One thing I did do was start myself on Seven Seas - trying to conceive vitamins about a month before we actually conceived! The weirdest thing to me is that I felt like I knew from the minute we had finished having sex that we had conceived.. That we had did it? Very strange!!! 1dpo - tender breasts and dizziness seemed to be my only symptoms 2dpo - cramping, i can remember having to use a hot water bottle to ease the pain, breaths still tender and a little gassy 3dpo - more right ovary pain, I'm pretty sure I ovulated from the right ovary and still gassier than usual, a lot of creamy/watery CM, this is something I noticed from day 1 4dpo - niggles on right side, bloating, tender breasts, I also wrote down on my symptoms that "I had a feeling I was pregnant" CRAZY!! 5dpo - this point I was having the craziest dreams, super vivid and really weird concepts, still crampy, really really tired, gassy and also feeling a little sick 6dpo- still crampy, vivid dreams again, tender breasts although nipple sensitivity was more obvious, lots of watery and creamy CM 7dpo - backache, cramps, sensitive nipples, feeling nauseous, dizziness, I hadn't monitored my temp thoughout my cycle and I did it this day out of curiosity and it ended up being 37.3 degrees Celsius or 99.14 Fahrenheit - which is around the temp you'd have if you were pregnant 8dpo - still got cramps, spots on chin (hormonal) CM was still really watery and creamy and I had also checked my cervix position and it was SUPER high and closed, temperature stayed the same 9dpo - nipples still sensitive, constipated, we did have sex this day and I bled a little bit (could have encouraged implantation bleeding) that night when i went to bed I had 2 dreams that I was taking pregnancy tests and they were positive... 10dpo - took test on a FRER and it was REALLY REALLY visible!!!!! Absolutely amazed and shocked and happy, we couldn't believe it!!! 11dpo - now: had implantation bleeding 12dpo, cramps and right side twinges, very tired, however all in all just so happy I get to grow my baby!!! Took about 1 million pregnancy tests just to be sure :D I am currently now 4weeks and 6 days!

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