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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Hi everyone! I wanted to share my story to help those of you tracking your symptoms. This was our 1st month TTC our second child. I had my Mirena IUD removed in August 2016, We began trying the first week of January. I felt just about everything in the book and very early on, Different from my 1st pregnancy because I didn't feel symptoms this early with my daughter. One thing I noticed right away that was different is that my acne on my face actually cleared up and my skin looks glowy but here are my day to day symptoms. We BD'd 3 days prior to ovulation, ovulated on January 6th. I know when I ovulate because I have slight cramping in my lower abdomen. Little twinges on the left and right. 1DPO:Musky smelling pee, Watery CM, gas 2DPO: sticky CM, bloating, have to pee all the time today, musky pee again today 3DPO: EWCM, headache in the morning, indigestion, hot flashes at night, dizzy spells, light cramps. Had a glob of yellow/greenish snotty CM 4DPO:Cramping, joint pain in my hip, had a moment of racing heartbeat, burning milk let down feeling in boobs, nipples slightly sensitive,stabbing pain in boobs off and on, Yellow lotion like CM, Empty stomach feeling even after I eat, pinching just below belly button, lots of burping, vivid dreams 5DPO: headache, acne on chest but face still clear (face looks glowy) Cold symptoms, stuffy runny nose, cramps in abdomen- left side cramping (pretty sure this is implantation), pinches and stings in lower left abdomen feels like O pains, Yellow snotty CM again, Dull ache in boobs, feel stressed and emotional and little cranky, vivid dreams. 6DPO: EWCM, Yellow snotty CM, indigestion, gas, stomachache, cramping, cold symptoms persist, have to pee a lot, acne on chest again, joint pain in hips, empty stomach feeling and bubble like gas feeling in abdomen, vivid dreams. 7DPO: EWCM, yellow snotty CM again!, burning tingly boobs, vivid dreams. 8DPO: SUPER sense of smell today,little nauseous, yellow lotion like CM, off and on twinges in abdomen, vivid dreams. 9DPO: Woke up slightly nauseous, Lotion like CM slightly yellow color, Cold is almost completely gone, boobs are really feeling it today, burning and tingly and just overall heavy feeling, very pronounced blue veins on chest and hip area, small cramps in abdomen, vivid dreams. 10DPO: after waking up from crazy crazy dreams I went straight to get a test to try with FMP. Line is there but faint on CVS ER test. I'm 4 days from my missed period. Did another test 2 hours later and again, definite line just slightly faint. Boobs are constant deep ache so far today. I hope this helps :) Good luck to you all! I hope you all get your BFP!
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