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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I hope this helps. We’re all different, so the more stories the better, right?!


Baby #1 CLOMID
I had gotten married at age 22. By age 26 I was having trouble conceiving- Doc’s diagnosed me with PCOS.
January 2008, I was prescribed Clomid. Took it January, February and by March we had kinda “given up” stopped trying so hard. And Bam! BFP, just shy of my 27th birthday. Healthy baby boy . C-section 41 weeks. 9 pounds 5 oz. 12/18/08

(DPO listed at bottom)
Started trying again in 2011 on Clomid via OB.
Few months nothing.
Referred to fertility clinic...
2 rounds of Clomid at clinic/ being monitored/ 2 IUI's. No dice.
March 2012, the 3rd and last try, we did injectable hormones in place of Clomid. I also did acupuncture before and after the procedure (it was upstairs of the Clinic), and at night I would listen to pregnancy mediation.
It worked, just shy of my 31st birthday! Two Healthy baby boys! C-section 38 weeks. 6 lb 4 oz and 7 lb 4 oz. 12/11/12

My husband passed away when my twins were 6 months old.
Last year I got remarried to a wonderful man, God -sent.


For the last year I used OPK’s and realized that I DO OVULATE! I have erratic cycles....
I’ve been clocking all my physical symptoms for a year. I know my body pretty well at this point.
I used progesterone cream to do an ovulation “shut down” and after that I ovulated every cycle! (not monthly. because it was sometimes 60 days. but every CYCLE). I have been taking Ovaboost and Fertile Aid. Womans multi, Viatmin D3, Glucomannan, Cod liver oil, Adrenal Health, Evening primrose cd1-O, PMS pill O-end. Stopped taking them last month just because it was getting to be too much... I hate taking pills and I never remember and i’m inconsistent. It also makes me feel like i’m trying too hard, and it’s too “in my face”.

Twice in the last 8 months I got stuck in an annovulatory cycle, at which point I would take the natural progesterone cream and by the 8th day I would have a break through bleed, allowing me to start a new cycle.
I was psyched I had this all down to a cycle! It may not be a traditional one but i was bleeding, i was ovulating, and i wasn’t in hormonal agony!!

We used this as a method of birth control, seeing as though we weren’t trying for our own baby just yet.
April 2016, we unknowingly DTD during my fertile cycle, as It wasn’t until 4 days later I got a +OPK. So we decided to just try that night too. What the heck, we thought.... it won’t happen that fast...

I coincidently had a new patient visit with my OB during this week, to talk about my options, and just talk about my history. I was afraid she was going to be quick to tell me I need clomid. But she was super supportive of what I was doing, and she told me that as long as my luteal phase is 14 days --THEY DONT USE THE TERMINOLOGY LATE OVULATION--. She assured me that egg quality isn’t an issue, its if there’s a short luteal phase that’s concerning for viability.
She did say because I am going to be 35 next month that if I do decide to use medical help, she would refer me to a clinic for safe measures.

But I didn’t need that!!!

BFP just shy of my 35th birthday! DD January 21, 2017

Tuesday (cd26): DTD <3
Wednesday (cd27): - OPK
Thursday (cd28): - OPK, but darker
Friday (cd29): woke up from a dream of a positive test, couldn’t shake it. +OPK second morning urine! Digi and POS all positive, took 3. DTD <3
Saturday (cd30): Assumed Ovulation Day. - OPK

1DPO: Good day, good mood, mild cramps but nothing too noteworthy (because of PCOS i’m always crampy-ish from O-AF)

2DPO: Lower left Cramping.
Fertility Luteal Phase Yoga.
NEW this cycle~ Acne, Gassy
in addition to my
NORMAL ~ Backache, light cramps, dreams, joint paints- pretty normal, neck-ache- maybe slept wrong.
*progesterone cream

3DPO: Woke up in the middle of the night to pee- cramps on left when i went, but not a lot came out. Bloody snot- not abnormal. While doing yoga laying on my right side I got a sharp pain from my left side when moving to the sitting up position after 2 mins of holding uterus pose.
NEW~ Gassy-ish last two days. ACNE! Like a teenager, Hungry!!
NORMAL~ Runs- not too abnormal, light cramps, light backache,
*progesterone cream

4DPO: DTD <3 Really gassy last night. Stuffy nose. Sleepless night DH up a lot. Hate the dog! So aggravated with the kids. Mean and sarcastic. I feel unattractive.
NEW~ Thirsty!! Acne bad. Hungry. No discharging.... that’s odd for me.
NORMAL~ Backache, light cramps, dreams, irritable
*progesterone cream

5DPO: Tried to be calm today. the twins are just testing me.
NEW~ Thirsty! Weird “after sex” odor down yander. Acne. Hungry again! Indigestion (maybe because i’m eating like a pig).
NORMAL~ Weird dreams, impatient, light cramps and backache
*progesterone cream

6DPO: (new moon) OBGYN appointment/ annual pap.
NEW ~ Acne chin and jaw/ one or two new a day small white heads.
Strange “after sex” odor again.
Heartburn again, a little worse.
WEEPY and irritable. Yelled at the boys then cried about it.
Sudden canker sore, I never get those.
the “normal” back pain turned into a “burning” feeling on right the past few days.
Nauseous with smells.
BAD night sweats.
NORMAL~ dreams, light cramps, dry boogies.
*progesterone cream

7DPO: BFN just had a feeling I might be...
Weepy and nauseous, I think because of the weeping. Tired today.
Nauseous with smells as the day goes on.
NEW~ 2 Right side “electrifying” pain in the evening when hanging a picture. Like someone poked me from the inside with a taser. I just smirked, implantation??
Acne continues
indigestion worsens
NORMAL~ light back ache. bloating. boogies. light cramps. dreams. tender breasts.
*progesterone cream, cut back... i think it’s causing all these symptoms, and i dont really need it this month- I ovulated. maybe its an overload.

8DPO: Mothers Day!
Cramps ever since ovulation. breakfast in bed with the boys. one of them rolled over to hug me and my boobs felt like it was burning/ pain. not tender but warm/ burning. Indigestion gone.
NEW~Bad acne still.
no discharge still this month, weird. maybe a little wet the other day, but no cream like usual with progesterone cream.
Still have that strong “after sex” smell, so strange.
Night sweats again, but not as bad.
NORMAL~ hand and arm numbing at night from time to time.
*progestrone cream, cutting back even more, see if symptoms slow down

Mom was over, laughed and doubled over in pain from a cramp. Really crampy by night. Uterus burning like my back. warm feeling. Definitely different! I have a feeling i’m pregnant. DTD <3 DH intiated sex, first time in our whole marriage I ever felt disengaged. The full bladder and the burning uterus was too distracting.
NEW~ burning cramps, Acne
NORMAL~ medium cramps, light discharging, Tender breasts (although kinda feels different).
*stopped progesterone cream at this point

Two FMU super faint internet cheepies, but they’re there! no doubt, and believe me i’m no stranger to doubting and squinting.
Ran to store got Digital EPT, Clearblue, and FRER.
Afternoon: Faint Clearblue, my mom saw it clearer that I did. FRER was clear to me. Digital said “not pregnant” . But I know the drill. They’re not as sensitive and I’ve peed about 35 times today, already.
Pulling in groin today. Almost a Stuck tendon feeling. Acne stopped.
worried about having stopped cream. but it was gradual, and I have to trust my body at this point.
Emotional! Called Doc. I have U/S scheduled for 7 weeks- if all looks good, they start the blood work. different than in years past!

11DPO: FMU did the other EPT, Clearblue and FRER.
EPT read “pregnant”!
Clearblue was darker for me to see the + better
and FRER was clearly two lines, but of course not anything like the control line.
A lot of pulling on left all day. Tired today, crazy week tho with mom visiting. Not very hungry.

12DPO: FMU + only had internet cheepie. Still pregnant ;-) not as dark as I want it to be yet. But from what I google imaged, it looks normal.
I feel pretty symptomless today. pulling/cramps in bed last night. I was having bad dreams...
not very hungry today.
left side cramping/pulling in groin/ uterus when I stand from sitting.

If anyone is curious I have my DPO symptoms from my last pregnancy


Mar 17 - Flow light
Mar 20 - Started injectables
Mar 22 - Cramps light
Mar 23- Acupuncture U/S for follicle growth. Crampy
Mar 26- U/S again
Mar 30 - Acupuncture
Mar 31 - Last day on cetratide
Apr 1- Trigger shot 7 pm
Apr 2 - IUI, Acupuncture, Slept with hot water bottle, bad cramps and bloating
1 DPIUI - So bad, right side. heating pad helps. Bloating, cramps, tenter breasts, sleepy.
2 DPIUI- Gassy all on right, heating pad helps pain. bloating. DTD
3 DPIUI - Unbearable cramps all week- right started crinone cramps subsided. still there buy more tolerable. Heavy cramps, bloating, medium.
4 DPIUI - Hoping the pain goes away soon. getting better but hurts to laugh and pee. Cramps, tender breasts, bloating.
5 DPIUI- Cramps getting better. Bloated/ full feeling.
6 DPO- Easter. Left for vacation. 4 hours in car. night in hotel. hurts to lay on/ put pressure on right. twinges on left today in car. tender breasts, cramps light, bloating medium.
7 DPO - Vacation first night. 9 hours in car. weird dreams. Acne light, cramps light, nausea light, tender brests light.
8 DPO- laid by ocean, weird dreams. nausea, tender breasts. impatient, tired.
9 DPO - weird dreams. 4th night in hotel. nausea, tender breasts. irritable, tired, sensitive, unbalanced, sad.
10 DPO - Mild deep cramping on left when laying down. twinges. cramps, tender breasts. sensitive, weepy, moody.
11DPO- on the road again, heading home. 10 hours in the car. queazy. car sick? sensitive to smells. loose stool. last night in hotel. weird dreams. nausea med. tender boobs, light. mood: tired.
12DPO - Loose stool. BFP! Shaky. cramps, headache light, sensitive, sleepy, fatigued, lethargic, sick, happy.
13DPO- 2nd +HPT. headaches, nausea, tender boobs. fatigued, lethargic, spacey, tired.
14DPO- Blood test confirmed HCG 102.3 . Progesterone 10.7 too low. increased crinone. cramps tender breasts. lethargic, sensitive, scared, fatigued, impatient, nervous, weepy, tired.
15DPO- same as yesterday, mild twinges low in the middle. tender on left. crampy when i stand up. tired, gloomy, irritable, scared, fatigued.

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