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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Just wanted to share my story to see if I can help anyone, I have a 3 year old son who was conceived 1st month of trying so I had no idea about the struggles of TTC and took things for granted, we started trying for a second child and were not actively trying, when nothing happened in the first 4 months, I then started to educate myself about the ovulation process, fertility window, ewcm, sperm friendly lubricant, temping, charting etc. After another 5 months of using OPK’s and charting, I got my BFP using afternoon urine at 10dpo, below are my few symptoms by DPO, but before I list them please note: I can now say positively that every woman is different because I was reading about most pregnant ladies having increased creamy CM in the 2 week wait, I was bone dry apart from one day at 5dpo…., then saw little creamy cm when I wiped from 12dpo onwards, and I know people mean well when they say to relax, but I tried to relax and could not, its hard to relax as it's always at the back of your mind, I used my OPK and charted every month and here I am. 1-3 dpo- Nothing 4dpo- Evening time I had pulling pains/cramps, followed through till bed time, the cramps woke me up about 2am (nothing wakes me up) it subsided, as I woke up in the morning and back to normal but noticed a lot of creamy CM in the morning, but it disappeared by the end of the day.. 5-6dpo - Nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the cramps the day before, very mild cramps and fluttering in tummy (same as AF coming but it started way too early before AF was due) 7dpo – Runny nose, I wiped and saw a very tiny stretchy yellow tinted blob of cm (like glue), I think I saw similar cm at one of my previous cycles and saw AF that month so thought nothing of it. around 8-9dpo - Runny nose, sneezing (don’t have allergies) I had this weird feeling in my lower tummy/down there, like ticklish, I had an increased libido as well (aroused), jumped on my husband that night, he was shocked cos I never do that, lol, a little gassy/bloated. 10dpo – Temp high and hasn’t dropped, not sneezing as frequently, Had one internet cheapie OPK and pregnancy test left over from previous unsuccessful cycles, I took the last OPK first, it wasn’t blaring positive, but almost positive, just almost the same colour as the control line, I got a bit excited then cos I had used an OPK around this time in the past when I had run out of HPT’s and when I did it was white, could hardly see a line. So I plucked up the courage to use the last HPT cheapie and I saw a SUPER FAINT positive, thought my eyes were deceiving me, but my negative HPT’s in the past were SNOW WHITE, no hint of anything, so this made me drive to the pharmacy to get a second opinion CLEARBLUE, got a faint but obvious positive with this one, this was afternoon urine so decided to wait till the next day and use FMU to be 100% 11dpo-Temp dropped slightly from 98.42 to 98.39 (would have thought I was out by now if I didn’t take HPT yesterday) HPT Line is slightly darker today, and clearblue digital says “pregnant”, I feel the same, no sore boobs, no obvious cramps… 12-13 dpo- Temp back up to 98.6 both days, noticed little creamy cm, very mild cramps on and of in lower back and lower abdomen. 14-15dpo: Temp still high and strong positive line HPT, no symptoms today apart from feeling a little sleepy…. NOW I’M STEPPING AWAY FROM MY THERMOMETER AND HPT, NO MORE …. I was taking Pregnacare conception vitamins in previous months but changed to Mum omega and Folic acid in the past 2 months. Thinking back what I did differently was BD a day before, day of and day after positive OPK, my chart told me I ovulated 2 days after my positive OPK which means I last BD the day before ovulation, not the day of… I always waited till positive OPK in the past before I BD’d so that might have been too late? And I also used the recommended amount of preseed (used minimal in previous months) this is when I didn’t notice ewcm, when I noticed ewcm 2 days prior to ovulation I didn’t use preseed, and I also put my legs up for about 20 mins after BD. I thank God for everything and pray you all get your BFP… I pray I have a happy and healthy 9 months, thanks for reading….


First off, congratulations!!! very curious about the cramps because I had some from dpo 3-9 in my lower right abdomen and have now had some lower and centered with some tugging sensations down below. I took Clomid and this is our first cycle trying. No AF yet! Could you describe the cramps any more?  Thanks!

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