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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 11 DPO After 16 Months TTC, Immediately After HSG!

So thrilled to be able to post here after reading everyone's stories for the last several months!!

DH (33) and I (31) had been TTC for 16 months. Previously I was on birth control and since coming off of it, had extremely long (up to 3 months in length) cycles, as well as a thyroid that was all over the place. We had just completed the initial fertility testing including HSG, and I was supposed to start Clomid with my next period. Our follow up with the RE in which we decided on this course of action was postponed one week because our doctor had a medical emergency. The RE was about to put me on the birth control to induce my period, but that morning my OPK came back positive, so I told him I wanted to give it one more shot before starting the meds. I am now 13 DPO and just got the positive digital test this morning. To think if the RE had not had the medical emergency, I would have started the Clomid and would not be where I am now!!

I had virtually no symptoms up until yesterday, but here they are...hope they are helpful to someone:

CD 27 - BD
CD 28/positive OPK/presumptive O day - BD twice
CD 28 / 1 DPO - BD twice, spotting
CD 30 / 2 DPO - BD, spotting
CD 31 / 3 DPO - spotting
CD 32 / 4 DPO - spotting
CD 33 / 5 DPO - spotting (thinking this is getting to be a little long for ovulation bleeding - WTF is going on?)
CD 34 / 6 DPO - nothing
CD 35 / 7 DPO - nothing
CD 36 / 8 DPO - very small (pin point) amount of blood on TP. implantation?
CD 37 / 9 DPO - nothing
CD 38 / 10 DPO - nothing, except that at a restaurant I had hot chocolate and water with my meal and when I drank the water immediately after having some hot chocolate, thought it tasted funny.
CD 39 / 11 DPO - very faint second line on Wondfo HCG test! Still no other symptoms. Digital test is negative.
CD 40 / 12 DPO - second line is still very light. I had a lobster dinner, normally my favorite food, but for the first time I could not finish my lobster! I noticed that I my senses of taste and smell seemed particularly sensitive.
CD 41 / 13 DPO - positive digital HCG test!

I still don't have many of the other symptoms I've been reading about (e.g. sore bbs, fatigue, etc.).

Best of luck to everyone!!!

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