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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 12 dpo!

After a missed miscarriage earlier this year, my husband and I started trying a couple months ago. As to not take any chances or lose any time, I used the clearblue fertility monitor. The 3rd month using it, we were on vacation in Iceland and I forgot to use it one morning but didn't think it was a big deal. The very next morning (cd13), I got a peak (which means I was going to ovulate in the next day). So here's my journey. Much like a lot of other girls on here, I had way more symptoms the last couple of months...haha.

Cd 13: Peak on monitor. Bd in AM and PM.
Cd 14: Bd in PM. I ov'ed today.

7 dpo: very moody. cried at night for no reason. felt pmsy
8 dpo: light brown/tan spotting (very light on pantliner), shortness of breath, runny nose
9 dpo: even lighter spotting, sinus pain/stuffy nose (hubby has bad cold so think it's from him), very tired, light cramping, thirsty, BFN on FRER
10 dpo: went to dallas for sister's engagement party and had some drinks...didn't notice any symptoms
11 dpo: super stuffy/snotty nose when woke up, noticed breasts looked much fuller, thirsty, feeling generally bad- think it's from hubby's cold and plane rides to and from dallas
12 dpo: sore throat, stuffy nose, sinus pain, thirsty, faint BFP with $store test with fmu!!!!!!! another faint BFP with FRER at lunchtime!!!!!
13 dpo: same symptoms continue, BFP with clearblue digital with fmu: "pregnant"!!!

Went to doctor today and had ultrasound/blood/urine. Waiting on results but hopefully all is fine. Uterus looked good and ready for a baby :) My period isn't due until the weekend so I am hoping and praying that this time I have a sticky bean!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me! ***Buckets of baby dust to all of you***


I did not really have any symptoms but light cramping that I took for PMS cramps. One huge clue for me although I didn't think anything of it was cervical mucus was coming out of me like a faucet. I thought that was strange because that had never happened to me before. I went to have my pre-op done for knee surgery. I did everything for that and 2 nurses had called me back before we got out of the VA hospital. I told my husband they called twice that is weird something must be wrong. I called back and the nurse said we won't be able to do surgery because your pregnant. I was so overjoyed I just thanked God for this miracle!!!. Don't give up but try not to stress about it either. Baby dust t

Hey, I'm 11 dpo. Im having light cramps and my back is hurting. I am seeing some white creamy discharge, thou I have been having the discharge for a few days now. I took a hpt on 9 dpo and it was BFN. So, Im just waiting impatiently.

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