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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP @ 12 DPO, Clomid cycle 2

My Husband (26) and I (28) have been TTCing for the past 4 months. After finding out back in December that I was not ovulating (which was a problem with TTC #1) and also have PCOS and insulin resistance. I was referred to a local GYN, whom suggested Clomid. As I have not had a period I was told to just start the 50mg for 5 days. I ended up having a weak ovulation and once again no period so after once again not having a period I was told to start the second 50mg x5days approx 17 days after my first failed ovulation. Luck was with me this time and I ovulated on the 21st Feb on what could be classed as CD12.

Currently on Metformin 500mg a day and will be for first trimester only.

The following are my symptoms:
CD10 : + OPK , watery CM BD twice.
CD11: Watery CM, BD twice, ovulation Cramps
CD12: Ovulation day, Temp dip, EWCM, BD Twice. Cervix High, soft, open.
1DPO: Temp rise, EWCM, BD twice. Ovulation pains/cramps, Cervix High, soft, open.
2-3DPO: Cervix High, soft, closed. Ovulation Pain, TMI Diarrhea. Sensitive nipples. Feeling very positive about this cycle.
4DPO: Cervix Medium, soft, closed. Slight temp dip, estrogen surge? Tender nipples, bloated, gassy.
4-10DPO: Creamy CM
5DPO: Temp up again, symptoms as above.
6-8DPO: Cervix becomes High, firm and closed and remains this way. Symptoms increase in intensity. Pinching begins on both sides mostly the left which I believed I ovulated from.
8DPO: Negative HPT, too early I know.
9-11DPO: Fatigue going to bed very early and having naps during the day. Out of normal. TMI Diarrhea.
9DPO: Peak in BBT, Beginning of heartburn which I still have. Very sore BB, mostly under the armpits but radiates out, hurts to touch. Cramping, headache in the afternoon.
10DPO: BFN HPT, positive OPK 2ndMU? BD just in case. Heartburn, very intense cramping, nausea most of the day.
11DPO: EWCM in the morning and very watery the rest of the day, totally out of normal. Very bad cramping. Temp dip to just above cover line. Thought I was out. Intense Heartburn and nausea most of the day.
12DPO: Very very faint BFP!!!! Woke up with nausea and felt like I was going to be sick. EW/watery cm, another positive OPK. Hubby couldn't see the line at first then saw it a little later after the 10 mins.

Will be testing tomorrow morning again in the hope of a darker BFP!


Congrats on your BFP!

Question for you- did your temp come back up on 12 dpo?

Im wondering because my temp dipped to just above the coverline on 12 dpo, and today 13dpo it is still just above the coverline. No period yet but do have some spotting. I thought I'm most defninitely out but seeing that your temp dipped so late wondering if maybe i have a slight chance...

Yes after my temp dip it did go back up by about 0.3C and it has sort of flat lined from there. I have done another test since then and it was with a less sensitive HPT and the line was again very faint. I have had a blood test and i'm still waiting for the results.

I'm really hoping its your month, i believe it is possible for the temp to go down for a day or so, as mine dipped very slightly then the next day it was at the cover line, then it went back up. I guess if it goes back up for you then it may be a good sign. Right now my symptoms have remained mostly the same only the nausea is all day and My Breasts are so tender and the nipples major ouch, it was my biggest sign aside from the heartburn.

Baby dust to you! And if this is your cycle, I cross my fingers for a sticky baby!

Also i did not have any spotting at all, however on the days of the temp dip i did have bad cramping and nausea from most of the day.

Hi Anonymous

Last month when I was ttc I had spotting 2 days before AF. Sorry but it seems you may get your AF this time. Why dont you take a HPT, you can get a faint line even at 13dpo.

Hope you do :) Lots of baby dust to you!

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