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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 12dpo 8 Month Trying! 1st Pregnancy!

I can't believe I'm finally posting on here! I've been stalking this site for months as I'm sure many of you are; don't give up on your BFP!

My husband and I have been TTC for 8 months. If I didn't get my BFP this month I was going to go get an HSG test to see if my tubes were all clear (because my blood test showed ovulation and his sperm analysis turned out great.)

My cycles are 26-28 Days this month my OPK turned positive on cycle day 12. Let me just say I hate how pre af symptoms are the same as ttw symptoms. I always spot about a week before period light brownish pinkish discharge. This month totally thought I was getting af even told husband last night I was sad and scared for the HSG test. He told me don't be sad until you actually get your period.

CD 8, 10, 12, 13,14,16 BD
CD12- positive OPK
DPO 1-6- no symptoms
DPO 7- increased CM brown Discharge
DPO 8- really tired fell asleep during Dexter at 8PM one of my favorite shows
DPO 9- Reddish/Pinkish spot only when wiped in the morning (Implantation perhaps? But not uncommon so now I'm bummed out)
DPO 10- Nothing
DPO 11- light brown discharge/backache feel like af is on her way
DPO 12- slight positive on ept non digital test so I asked my husband to go get digital not telling him about the slight positive. Go to take a bath and take digital test and before I know it I'm running out of the bathroom to tell husband. (he thought I saw a spider)

Calling doctor tomorrow to schedule blood test.

I've tried everything from bbt charting, grapefruit juice, Pre-Seed, etc....

This month I stuck with
*Laying down after sex
*One a day prenatals with DHA
*Husband has been taking flaxseed oil

I pray that this pregnancy sticks. I've always wanted to be a mother, and my due date is on my parents anniversary!!! July 1st!


Hi congratulations to both of u ! I know this is probably a tmi to ask , what time of the day did u test your opk and did u bd straight after ? Or you waited till afternoon? Thanks so much we been trying for four months now and I noticed we have same length cycle and I usually get my positive result on opk on cd 12 and cd 13 thought maybe ur advice and tips can help us thank you :)

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