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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 12dpo - Cycle After Chemical Pregnancy

So thrilled to finally be able to post here! This was our 5th month TTC #2 (DD is 2), and after the heartbreak of an early chemical pregnancy in November, we got another beautiful BFP on December 27th, 2013.

Background info: I am 28 and DH is 29 (almost 30!), trying for #2 since August 2013. Have been using BBT since 2nd cycle and have used Pre-Seed the last 2 cycles (Nov/Dec). After the chemical pregnancy, I wasn't sure if/when I would ovulate so I bought and used the Clear Blue Ovulation Kit for the first time in December and I really liked it. I wasn't writing everything down at the time because I was sincerely trying NOT to symptom spot, but here is what I remember :

1-3 DPO- BBT confirms ovulation on CD16 (typical), nipples tender (also typical)

4-6 DPO- NOTHING, feeling out because I have no real symptoms, BBT holding steady

7 DPO- Pretty significant spike in BBT, boobs becoming more tender, on vacation so not paying much attention

8-10 DPO- BBT remains elevated after spike, get the alert from FertilityFriend that chart is triphasic, start getting a little more excited but remember that this also happened last month and sadly ended in a chemical pregnancy, getting heartburn/reflux after even the blandest of meals (not typical), boobs looking swollen and still sore.

10 DPO- Christmas Day! Decide to take a FRER (even though I'm sure it's too early) in hopes of surprising DH for Christmas. Stark white BFN, but strangely don't feel out.

11 DPO- Decide not to test, despite wanting to POAS soooooooo badly, BBT remains high and in triphasic pattern

12 DPO- Getting ready for an early shift at the hospital and decide to take another FRER since BBT was still elevated. Faint but obvious BFP!!! DH and DD still asleep, take a picture of stick and text it to DH with a message that says, "Have a good day, WE love you!".

14-18 DPO- Progressively darker BFPs on FRER taken every other day, also got positive on CB Digi @ 14 DPO, stopped taking BBT so not to stress myself out. Heartburn and sore, swollen bbs continue but otherwise no symptoms.

Now, just praying for a healthy baby. Scheduled to see my OB on 1/27/14 and it seems like FOREVER away!
Sending you all lots of love, hugs, baby dust and prayers for your BFPs!


This has given me a lot of hope. So thank you and massive congratulations. I have just this month suffered an early miscarriage / chemical pregnancy and I really want to try again soon, but I'm scared. Can I ask if you had a period in between the cp and this pregnancy? Hope you have a very healthy 9 months.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and congratulations!!!! That is SO exciting! I just had a chemical on January 2nd, and am trying again this month with IUI, so am glad to see it is possible! Wishing you a h&h 9 months!!!

Thanks so much ladies! Since writing this, I have had my betas drawn and a viability feeling well and everything looks great so far. We saw our sweet baby's heart beating at the sono today, and I'm feeling much less worried and trying to relax. To answer your question, I did have a period in between the chemical and my BFP cycle, which was part of the reason why we decided to try again right away rather than wait a cycle. Hoping you get your sticky. BFPs soon :)

Congratulations!! This is so sweet. I actually teared up when I read this. I can't wait to text dh and say the same thing. I hope you have a healthy 9 months

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