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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Like many others I have stalked this site relgiously for the last 6+ months and in a lot of ways it has been my saving grace in the times I have felt discouraged.
I am so excited to say that last Thursday (13DPO) I got my first EVER BFP and we are PREGNANT! I promised myself if I ever got my BFP I would post my story.

My DH (29) and I (26) got married last May. In Sepetmeber we deceided that we would stop "preventing" and leave it in God's hands.
Sounds nice and relaxed right??? Well I would be lying if I said I didnt just assume it would have happened right away.
Month after month of Aunt Flo rearing her ugly head got harder and harder.

I am 100% conifident in saying that every other month before this one I swore I had pregnancy symptoms! This month I hardly had any.
and as much as much as I didnt beleive it when people said it- this month was the month we thought the least about TTC.
We were so busy and have a lot of things going on that this truely was the easiest two week wait I have had.

I didnt do a great job at tracking any possible symtoms but below are a few things that now I can say may have
been an early "signs".

CD 13 - Postive OPK
CD 14- I am confident this is when I ovulated.

1-9 DPO- Nothing that I remember outside of the norm

10 DPO- One notable thing.. TMI- Yellow glob of very stretchy CM after Bowel movemment. (thinking maybe this had
something to do with Implamentation but I cant be sure)

11-12DPO - mild cramping,,, this for me was different. I NEVER have pre-period cramps although I do get them
throughout my cycle. I chalked it up to me just starting a day or two early... but I never did .

13DPO- At this point I hadnt done any HPT's- (the past 5+ cycles I was a POS addict.) I decided to take one when
I got home ..people from work were planning on going out for St Patricks Day drink the following day and I had
an extra one lying around . I took the HPT at roughly 6pm .. I could not believe my eyes . There was a distinct second line.
Of course my hudband happens to be out of town this week.. so I just walked in circles aournd my house , cried and
prayed. It felt like a dream. I immedaitly got into my car and went to Walgreens to get a digital test. Got back
home and used it immediatly... within 10 seconds PREGNANT popped up.

14DPO (day of expected period)ST PATRICKS DAY ! - no period and took another HPT right when I woke up .. stronger second line!
I still have dull cramping and I am SO hungry.

I am now 17 DPO (4w3d) and feel good. My boobs are tender but nothing worse then how they get before my period
Other then that I feel good although I am definitly a little bit more tired then normal.
I have an appointment tomomrorw for a "Quanatitve blood test" just because I know I will feel better if my HCG
numbers look good. My husband is due back to town on Wednesday adn at that point we wills schedule our first
prenatal appointment which i suspect will be around the 8 week mark.

God Willing everything goes well our estimated due date is Thanksgiving ! Prayers for a sticky bean and healthy
remaineder of pregnancy.
And to all of the woman in TTC process I will continue praying for you.

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