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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Hi Folks,

This is cycle 2 TTC and this morning I go my BFP on 13 DPO. Well Actually I got it on 12 but threw the test away too soon - when I looked back today there was actually a line!

So as I have been avidly reading the stories I thought I would put mine, alongside my symptoms

1-5 DPO - cervix high on day one and then progressively getting lower
6 DPO - Creamy CM, cervix low, hard and closed, dizzy spell at work
7-8 DPO - nothing noted
9 DPO - BFN - cervix high
10 DPO - BFN - cervix high
11 DPO - BFN dizzy spell again - cervix high. Felt a bit sick all day
12 DPO - very strong pulse in centre of tummy between belly button and pubic bone. Went to bed early feeling sick - BFN (I thought) - on reflection the next day in better light a very faint positive
13 DPO - BFP in the morning on cheapie!! When I got home from work I did a first response and stronger line.

Hope the line gets stronger each day.

I was trying not to obsess over symptoms so I only noted things down when they were out of the ordinary. For example I NEVER get dizzy so to have two distinct dizzy spells that really made me think something was going on. The other was the pulse in my stomach. Very strong and I'd never felt that before.

I also always get really sore boobs from about 12DPO onwards and this month they haven't been sore at all which when accompanied with my high cervix made me thing I could be in for a chance. My cervix is fairly predictable and in line with standard commentary on positions you find online but this month it went back up high again after being low for a few days after my FW. Normally just before AF its very low down and hard. No major feelings I think for me it was just a case of being tuned into my body and so random events really sticking out.

Heres hoping things go OK!

Good luck ladies. xx

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I got my BFP this morning at 13DPO

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