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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 13DPO after mmc in September

Yaaaay! So thrilled i can share here after reading all these amazing stories during my TWW to keep my hopes up. My story: My husband and I conceived in July on the third cycle of trying (first two weren't actively trying just "pulling the goalie" as they say, and the third cycle I tried opk's for the first time and got pregnant). In September at just over 9 weeks I had my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. :( It was a devastating blow but I'm aware of how common miscarriages are so in a strange way I wasn't shocked, I was more just very sad. I had a d&c a few days later at 10 weeks. My period came back exactly 29 days after the d&c and my husband and I were on a vacation in Europe. I was ready with opk's and drew a positive LH surge on the 14th day of my cycle while we were in Italy! I was soooo happy my cycle had normalized so quickly and thought for SURE we would conceive in Europe because we were in a good vacation mode and the first time I had used opk's, I had had success. Low and behold when we got home I got my period and I was pretty upset. I decided that I was going to take a more is a more approach on this cycle... I had been pretty chill trying to conceive in Europe because I wanted everything to feel easy but I've realized I'm a woman who likes a certain level of control and when I focus on something I tend to get good results. SO: We tried the SMEP plan—not down to the tee but pretty close. I used opk's because CM and CP give me no indication of when I will be ovulating. I don't really get EWCM so we also used Preseed for the key BD's. After I ovulated I started taking B6 (50mg) because I had done a lot of reading on mc's and prevention and luteal phase stuff and although my luteal phase wasn't CRAZY short the first cycle after the miscarriage—at 11 days—I figured supplementing with B6 couldn't hurt to possibly help lengthen LP. I didn't take B6 before O because I had read some cases where it caused delayed O. I also did some fertility yoga that I found on YouTube ( and did some meditation leading up to O. OK! So here was my obsessive symptom spotting during the TWW: 1-2dpo: nothing 3dpo: bit of nausea 4 dpo: quite present cramping, woke up in the morning remembering having cramps in the middle of the night (weeeeird, I never cramp between O and AF) 5dpo: slightly tender breasts, cramping and tugging feelings 6dpo: headache and stuffy nose, very emotional 7 dpo: weird dreams, stuffy nose, slight nausea, very tired 3-7dpo: creamy cm 8 dpo: cramping, restless legs, emotional, heavy feeling full breasts, more dreaming (I usually don't remember them), possible implantation bleed! SOOOO minimal, like a drop or two of pinkish/light light brownish cm (I never ever spot) 9 dpo: cramps/twinges 10 dpo: **took a blue dye line test (not Clearblue) in the morning BFN with a sliiiiight possibility of the faintest line known to man and only kind of visible when the photo is tweaked -- later in the day: bloating, full breasts, gums bled when I flossed which is weird because I floss a lot 11 dpo: **took a wondfo test BFN (but not FMU) and feeling discouraged because I tested positive with my first pregnancy at 11dpo! -- later in the day: more cramps, lots of twinges on the left side throughout TWW overall which was making me curious because I felt this when I had first conceived in July (on the same side!) 12dpo: period due date, no period!, cramps, decided to wait one more day to test with a digital so I didn't have to squint at lines 13dpo: woke up and remembered TWO dreams drawing a BFP... Ran to the bathroom and tested. ***BFP with a Clearblue Digital!!!*** "1-2 Weeks" I was so nervous when I took the test... After taking it I immediately got back into bed with my husband (and our dog too!) and made him turn it over after a few minutes. Needless to say we are overjoyed and praying for a sticky one this time! Planning on taking B6 until after the first trimester. So there you have it! Truly every pregnancy is different. I thought I was out because I didn't have a positive at 11dpo... Just gave it some time and listened to my instincts and stayed as calm as possible and prayyyyyed, omg did I pray. Good luck ladies!! xoxo <3 p.s. Just confirmed the pregnancy with a cheapie test from the dollar store. ;)


This gives me a little hope! I didn't try when I had my first so I'm obsessing a little bit over here.  I'm 11 dpo today and have been getting that feeling like af has started flowing but when I go check it's nothing! Not only that but any other symptom out there I've had since 4 days dpo. I took a test this morning and got a BFN.   Congrats to you!!

Good luck!! Not everyone gets a BFP super early. :))

Congratulations!! I hope this one is super sticky.

I also conceived in July and found out I misscarried in September at my 11w appt. Baby stopped growing at 8 weeks, just a week after we got to hear the heartbeat. : ( Well today I got my BFP on our 2nd time trying after the D&C! Praying for a sticky baby for you and I both! : ) And prayers for those still ttc, don't lose HOPE and have FAITH! <3

Our situations are so similar!! So happy for you! :)) Sticky sticky baby dust to the both of us! <3

Congratulations! I also had a mmc in early September, at what should have been 11 weeks, hb had stoped at 9. Currently in tww of my third cycle since then. Hoping your luck is contagious!

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