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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 14-15 DPO With Temps

After a year and one surprise pregnancy ending in miscarriage I can finally post! The two symptoms that really jumped out at me were the massive heartburn and I had cramping from 3 DPO on. Both have never happened to me before.
3 DPO cramping temp 97.6
4 DPO heartburn, cramping temp 97.1
5 DPO cramps, heartburn 97.2
6 DPO same, tender breasts 97.33
7 DPO same, 97.6
8 DPO same 97.73
9 DPO 97.58
10 DPO fatigue, snapped at husband for no reason, thought this was all PMS temp 97.07
11 DPO nausea, fatigue, BFN (Christmas eve) 97.6
12 DPO BFN totally thought I was out again this month (Christmas) temp 97.73
13 DPO PMS symptoms but still had the heartburn and cramping temp 97.58
14 DPO BfaintP when I took yet another FRER test on a whim that evening and the second line was sooo faint I had to hold it up to the light and still didn't believe it. temp 97.58
15 DPO BFP!!! I can't believe my eyes! temp 97.79
16 DPO temp 98.1

I really thought I wasn't going to get my Christmas baby. Especially when I would see women getting their BFP early on! We used Pre-Seed for the first time as well. That stuff rocks!

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