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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 14 dpo, ahhh!

So excited! And nervous, and shocked. We've been trying for #2 for 2 months now, and what I did differently this month was BD every other day leading up to O, and then slept with a softcup in every time, which is what worked with DS on the 6th month of trying. So I guess it's what works for me! I don't feel like I've had a ton of symptoms, especially compared to other months, but in retrospect there was a lot to notice.

1-3 dpo - nothing except an unusual amount of EWCM on 2 dpo which made me think I didn't O yet. Couldn't BD so thought I may be out.

3 dpo to 8 dpo - extremely emotional. Crying on my car rides home when listening to the news, very weepy in general.

9 dpo - I was very bloated, thought for sure I was out since I always bloat about 5 days pre AF. Also had the smallest most miniscule amount of spotting on the TP after wiping. Wouldn't have ever noticed had I not been looking closely. Also noticing that my mouth tastes rank.

10 dpo - I woke up exhausted. Could not open my eyes or even walk around much. It was a weekend day so I laid up and let DH do everything. This is when I started to suspect something because I have never felt fatigue like that - never even in my first pregnancy. Still thought it was bad PMS though. Breath tastes so bad still. Also got sore bbs and nipples today, super mild and only uncomfortable at night. A very little bit of milk came out at one point even though I weaned DS 7 months ago. Still bad taste in mouth!

11 dpo - bbs still mildly sore, had a few shooting pains in my cervix that made me notice. peeing a lot lately, but it's a PMS sign for me.

12 dpo - same as above, but was busy and didn't pay much attention to my body today. Oh but I did notice my hair was greasy even though I washed it the day before. Very unusual for me.

13 dpo - bbs soreness almost completely gone. Thought I was out for sure. I am also so so dry, no CM whatsoever. When I go hunting I find some yellow CM near my cervix, but nothing when I wipe. However I am constantly humid, like I'm sweating down there. Mild hot flashes today.

14 dpo - super irritable! Thought 'well here comes AF!' Typical sign she's coming. Bbs hurt again but still very mild. AF should show today, or a spot at least, and nothing. So dry when wiping, but very humid still. Some cramping and hip and backaches today. A little winded when doing my workout. Finally, at 8pm, I test without holding any urine and get an obvious line on a FRER. Shocked. DH is out of town until tomorrow, so I have only you guys to tell! I'm so excited.

The things I still have are frequent urination, bad taste in mouth, a little bloating, backache and cramps on and off. Very tired too. Thanks for reading, I love this site and soon after getting my BFP I thought I need to go post! :)



Yay! Congrats!! Happy n healthy 9 months!

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