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BFP 14 DPO w/ Spotting

Hello all you lovely ladies. Like most of you I have searched this site endlessly hoping and praying that one say it would be me writing on here, and what do you know, here am!!! A little background, me and my partner have not been trying but not preventing for a year now, last year I was diagnosed with PCOS. I am one of those who has skinny PCOS as in quite petite and the only symptoms of this disorder I have are swollen ovaries with the string of pearl folicules and severe abdominal pain with irregular to no ovulation. I found out on April the 2nd that I am pregnant! Here are my symptoms. Bd cd15, cd 18 o'd cycle day 19.

1dpo woke up with blood in my nose
2dpo suddenly turned constipated :(
3dpo-7dpo cramping all over the place and started to go to the loo every half hour....this happens often when my ovaries are swollen so I thought nothing of it.
8dpo nose bleed...haven't had one of these since I was 16.
9dpo sudden elastic band type flick in my abdomens that made me say " auch" out load. This lasted no more than a few seconds.
10dpo to 14dpo started feeling really crampy as if I was going to get my period so when I was at work on 14dpo and I saw brown discharge in my nickers I figured that my period had arrived and that was it. Except a) just before the brown turned up I had an unbundle nice of creamy white cm in me nickers which I found odd b) the brown had disappeared the time I got home and was never on the toilet paper when I wiped which I found odd. So against my better judgment I pulled out a first response and peed. Lo and behold only one line, thought to myself I'm going mad, then took a second look and as I was staring a beautiful second line started to appear in front of me!!!! Holy cow!!!!! 15dpo took an other using FMU positive!
17dpo positive blood test. I'm overjoyed that even when I was told I would have to go on fertility treatment if ever I wanted to get pregnant, I am now pregnant naturally!

Thank you to all for your stories and symptoms they really helped me stay sane and comforted me when I was told it would be very difficult.


Thank you for this! Im also 14DPO and i Just saw brown spotting so this makes me hopeful!

Im12 dpo, i have had all the same symptons, but today everything is gone except cramping, pretty sure af is coming but ur story gives me a little hope :) congrats by the way :)

I am now 14dpo and had all the symptoms. I have very swollen and sore breasts. Vivd dreams, gassy, lots of creamy CM. But this morning I had Very Very light brownish pink when I wiped and I have gone the rest of the day with nothing. I tested two days ago and got a BFN. So I am now hopeful. Thank you.

hi , just wanted to share my story


I just want to connect with someone who is experiencing the same things that I am. I am 14 dpo and noticed brown discharge this afternoon. Very disappointed because I'm worried AF is coming; however, my bbt was high at 98.9 this morning. I am now 2 days late. I did take a pregnancy test on the day I was supposed to get my period, and it came back negative. I have had tender nipples for about 5 days now, which usually I feel nothing in my breasts...I suppose I'll see what happens tonight, and if AF doesn't come maybe I will take another test in the morning. I read so many stories about implantation bleeding or brown spotting while still being pregnant, so I am hoping this is the case. It is such an emotional roller coaster, and I feel like I am running to the bathroom every time I feel something!

Well ive been trying for a while now and I recently gotten 3 faint positive bfp since 11 dpo and yesterday I took another test and it came out faint positive again. Now today at 14 dpo I started spotting light pink wen I wipe only and cramping a bit. What could it be? I was thinking maybe evaporated lines but 4 in a row is impossible. This will b my second pregnancy. I have a healthy 3 year old daughter. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Should I worry? My last period was jan 25 and Im sure I ovulated feb 7 because i keep track of my cm all the time and it was like egg whites and and had sex that day and on the 9th.

I do feel a bit crampy. And I forgot to mention I had light pink spotting on the on the 13th of feb. Really brief bleeding... can b compared to the color of pink lemonade. But only wen I wipe. I also notice my areolas are getting darker too and my nipples are tender and I feel sleepy gassy and constantly peeing. Constipated also im pretty sure im pregnant.

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