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BFP 15 DPO with AF symptoms

The last few days have been agonizing!  My period was due two days ago so I'm three days late. Nearly every story I read included a BFP of 14 DPO or earlier but I was NOT getting a BFP. I was getting frustration, anxiety, and annoyed, but not a BFP!

I've only been more than one day late when I was pg with my daughter (6yo now) so I wondered but more than anything I wanted an answer either way.

I had basically no symptoms. Those that I had were indicative of AF being on the way so I dismissed them:  sore breasts, baaaaad cramps, and pain in my low back. I don't usually have pain in my low back but I figured it was just gonna be a bad period. As I got to 13, 14, and 15 DPO I found myself using a heating pad for my back. I have noticed at 13-15 DPO heartburn and refluxincreasing. I had the hiccups 5 times yesterday and 2 times already today.

I've POAS enough times to be embarrassed. I could have spent less on the copay for a blood test. Today I went and got different brands, figuring it was worth a try and here I am still no period. Got a faint BFP on 2 out of 3. I'd like to do a CBE digital but I want to wait as I've used those this cycle with negative results and want to be sure they'll detect it if I do.

This was our second cycle TTC without charting. I am homozygous for Factor V Leiden so I've actually been on injections for that for five months already! This makes all of that worthwhile!!!!!  Called our peri to schedule their confirmation tests. We'll be followed as a very high risk pg due to the clotting disorder

Praying all goes well with this life.

Good luck to everyone reading!

I can't even believe it!


Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a Happy and Healthy 9 months! Sticky vibes for you!!

Congrats and sticky wishes!

I am on CD 36, which makes me at least 4 days late. I don't know the exact O day, but I had another BFN this morning, and I'm thinking about calling my doc to see if she'll let me come in for a blood test, because AF should've started by now!



Dear all,


Has anyone had a BFP yet?

I am 7 days late! Tested yesterday using FRER and BFN FMU, confused as I am usually regular 28 day. 

Best wishes

Emma xx

I'm now two days past my AF and 16dpo symptoms of breast pain frequent urination and I had one drink last week and got really sick still BFN!! its frustrating so I'll wait a few more days and test again

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