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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP. 15 months after pill

Hope this is of some use/reassurance to someone. Basic info: on combined pill for 11years. 29yrs, DH 29 also. Both healthy and active. Regular cycle before starting pill, no issues. First time TTC June'16: came off pill with view of TTC from Dec'16. Thought would be enough time for pill to be out of system, work out cycles etc. Did not have a true period until Setember (just withdrawal) 98 day cycle. Went for smear test in August and was told by 2 practice nurses that I should have had one by now, v unhelpful and left feeling something was wrong, despite reading plenty of stories of cycles not returning to normal straight away. Cycles as follows, still not regular over year later. Start Date Length 31 August 2017- BFP 31st Sept 1 August 2017 30 Days 29 June 2017 33 Days 21 May 2017 39 Days 18 April 2017 33 Days 15 March 2017 34 Days 9 February 2017 34 Days 10 January 2017 30 Days 23 November 2016 48 Days 22 October 2016 32 Days 7 September 2016 45 Days 1 June 2016 98 Days Started using clear blue digital ovulation tests before TTC to work out cycle. Carried on using them until June when thought would just try CM monitoring, also thought had spent enough on them! Last cycle when conceived was first month temping, no OPKs and looked at CM. BD & O info: Dec- 2 weeks out TTC(48) Jan- 3-4 days early O cd18-19 (30) BD 14 15 Nausea O cd 29. Bk ache. Feb- 5 days early O cd 21-22 (34) BD 15 17 *March- spot on O cd 20-21 (34) BD 13 15 17 18 20 *April- spot on O cd 19-21 (33) BD 14 16 18 20 22 LH 31 *?June- little early? O cd 24/25? (39) BD 13 16 17 19 21 22 23 July- Holiday xTTC (33) O cd 20? *?*August- little late? O cd 20? (30) BD cd 16 18 20 22 24 Temping*Sept- cd 19 BD 13 14 16 18 19 Out of 8 months TTC, think covered all bases between 3-5 times max (*) Had convinced myself was pregnant for probably half the cycles- looking at cervix position, changes in cereal fluid, bbs hurting, erect nipples, nausea, lethargic, emotional, funny tastes, over sensitive smells, twinges & aches, clearer skin/ break outs (skin better on pill and developed to be a nightmare like pre-pill). This cycle: started BDing ever so slightly earlier, temping but only really useful to know had ovulated rather than to start. Used sperm friendly lubricant as usual, waited 20mins until using bathroom after BDing (usual). Pregnancy signs- had a weird hot sensation in my uterus the evening before very faint positive on cheap stick. Boobs sore but not any different to usual pre period. VERY clear skin for last 3 weeks- v unusual as had been a nightmare especially round chin for last 6-8 months. Went to usual gym class 2 days before and couldn't do usual exercises for as long, v tired but was after work. Cramping that was very like AF but slightly different- higher up and nauseous too. Day before period due (going on 30 day cycle) took Sainsburys test after holding wee for 3 hrs- v v faint but came up sraight away & stronger. Took same morning after- v obvious. Clear blue digital later in day, 1-2 weeks indicator. Things that have learnt: Cervical position and openness is not an indicator for me- changes all the time. CM watching helps timing. OPKs not as useful for cost. Temping useful to confirm O. Will be watching out for hot uterus sensation for any further pregnancies. Main one- no one tells you that the pill will have such an impact on your body and that TTC is not easy! 4week symptoms- v full and sore boobs, cramping and nausea. FX this little one sticks.

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