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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 16DPO after 1 year TTC!

So shocked to be writing this at long last! I am 22 and had a copper IUD taken out over a year ago.

I have a history of long wacky cycles, recently ranging between 35-50 days, and in the past I have battled with an eating disorder which stopped my periods for 2 years.

This cycle was slightly different to all of my other cycles as during its duration I went on 2 holidays (one for our first wedding anniversary) quit my stressful job and relaxed far far more.

I ovulated earlier than normal (normally anywhere between CD23-CD35, but this cycle was CD18) which I think was the key to my BFP! Also, I had a lot of EWCM for 5-6 days prior to ovulation, I normally only get 1-2 days or none at all.

BD every day CD 10-18
CD18-O day
1-4DPO- normal post O symptoms. Sore breasts, slight twinges in uterus, a lot of creamy cm

5-7DPO- My throat began to itch and I felt a cold coming on. So so thirsty and tired. A lot of creamy cm. Feel lots of twinges and prods in uterus and ovaries, strange tightness and pulling. Said to DH I think I'm pregnant.

8-10DPO- I'm on death's door with a terrible cold and temperature. Lost my voice and was constantly coughing. Shaking a lot, feeling hot then cold. BBT is the highest it has ever been compared to other cycles. Breasts still very tender and lots of cm.

11-12DPO- cold begins to wear off slightly. Still very thirsty. Feel like I am peeing every other minute. Cm completely dries up as it normally does and AF cramps begin- feeling very out. Breasts also become less tender like each cycle and I am feeling very emotional.

13DPO- AF cramps are really strong and breast tenderness almost disappears. No cm at all.

14DPO- AF due. Cramping bad. No cm. A lot of wind. No temp drop this morning which is odd..

15DPO- AF 1 day late. Again, no temp drop. Thinking I calculated O wrong.. Thought AF was coming so ran to toilet to find a lot of creamy cm. Breasts become slightly more tender and AF cramps subside slightly.

16DPO- AF 2 days late. No AF cramps, breast tenderness returned, had a completely sleepless night, feeling nauseous. Tested at 5.30am with extremely dilute pee as I was so thirsty during the night. Clear BFP!! Tested again at 3pm and line is even darker.

I read a million BFP stories during my time TTC which happened when the couple were more relaxed. We weren't more relaxed with TTC, still actively trying, but we were completely stress free and far happier than any other month. We are very excited to become parents is April 2018.


I tap into this bfp in Jesus name. I shall be next to testify in Jesus name. Amen

I also just got my BFP! I'm due in April as well!

That's awesome! Congrats!

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