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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 18 Days Post IUI/Ovulation

I cannot believe I am writing this, as I have read this board for so long, never thinking I would have my own positive story to share. I just took a test yesterday at 18days post iui after getting a BFN at 11 and 14 days post. I figured I was out. I waited for my period to come as I had period cramps and my boobs were a bit sore but not as much as usual. My period never came. After four days I called the doctor and said they need to give me something to start my period bc it's delayed. I figured they would ask me when the last time I tested so I swiped a pee stick and took it to work with me - then dipped into the bathroom at work, figuring it would be another BFN. I nearly lost my mind when two pink lines came up right away. I was in such shock, shaking in the stall!! I left work early and went to get a blood test. Today the doctor called and my beta is 940 - more than double what they would expect it to be at this stage. So it truly is not over until your period shows...I always hated it when people said that, but I am living proof that it is true! I hope that helps some people in the tww - don't get too down if you test early and it's a BFN.

I had three follicles over 20mm and my husband had 32 million sperm, 80 percent motility. This was our fifth iui - all failed cycles before.

Symptoms by day

0-4 - nothing
Day 4 - tugging sensation in my labia at night (very strange, I know)
Day 7 and 8 - very low period cramps and my nose begins to run a lot
Day 9 - a little breakout on my chin - runny nose continues
Day 10 - I notice my boobs are bigger but they are usually quite sore now bc of AF.
Day 11-14 - really nothing of note - some AF like cramps on and off, still runny nose
Day 15-18 - more AF cramps..where is my period??
Morning of day 18 - BFP

That's the extent of my symptoms - nothing that noteworthy. I thought I'd be feeling "pregnant" but I still don't!

Wishing the best of luck and baby dust to all!!!



Hmmmm....possibility of twinnies I'm wondering????????? Congratulations!!!

awesome story hh9 xx

That is awesome! I'm currently in my tww and it is killing me. 3rd cycle, 1st medicated. Are you on progesterone? I feel a little different than normal so think maybe it's positive this time, but then I think... all the crazy hormones are just making me crazy! :)

ur story gave me so much hope I'm TTC 3 years and its my 9th day post iui, I shouldn't have tested but I had bfn today, did u ever felt nauseating?

same story .....after 5 year.... i also waited for my period to come.. but this is BFP...
and i was crying ..after long time see my BFP. My LMP 25/01/2014 and IUI done on 16th day (11/02/2014) ....and i checked 25/02/2014 and its BFP.. my beta is 640 on 27/02/2014.

This was really helpful. Thx!

Thanks for sharing this, it is so encouraging!

I am in my last few days of 2ww, have usual AF symptoms--cry easily, sore breasts, and have given up hope that it's worked, this time; I decided not to go get a blood test, on Thursday, because what would be the point?--so reading this made me take heart, a bit.

Hi all I've been staking this site for a while. Had my fist IUI on March 2nd. I'm a nervous impatient wreck!! How the heck do you all do it?

today my 18 day post iui... i lost my hopes when i get brown discharge(little discharge) on the day after 14, 15, and 16 and also 17 day........ 17 day getting bit more discharge.... i dont know what is happening...... i searched in the internet that, pregnancy test can be done after 14 days of conception, and also when my period is due, that day we can check, my period date 4th of this month. have to meet doc on 5th. any suggestions.

Im 11 days past my 1st iui. We used clomid only, and so far BFN...but we gotta keep our heads up! Not outta the game til AF shows up!

today is my 18th day of iui and i missed my first day period, my breast and nipple are so pain and abdominal pain, white discharge also. there possible to get pregnant.


This is my first time to comment here.

I had iui 18 days ago and have been a nervous wreck ever since. I had taken clomid prior to this and this resulted in four eggs, two on each side. I also was given a fertility injection 24 hours prior to iui. It was my first time to have it and the doctor didn't seem too positive about the outcome due to my husband's low sperm mobility.

I have been having cramps and a pulling sensation in my abdomen for over a week. I had quite noticeable pains on the left side of my womb for a few days. I have had lower back pain on and off for a week. My boobs are very tender and I am super emotional all the time. This morning, day 18 after iui, I tested negative. I have had some light brown mucous discharge a few times over the last few days and presumed it was my period starting. I don't know whether I should call the doc or hold off for another few days. Waiting is killing me.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Not sure if there still a hope. It has been negative. I didn't check last night or this morning. Don't want to disappoint myself again. My period hasn't come, not even any brown discharge, which was usually happened before AF. Lower back was sore the first week after IUI(never had before), on and off lately. But still.........Nurse from my doctor's office told me on the date 14 that "sorry...please wait and call on you date 3 of AF". I am so nervous to take test again.

I an 22 days post IUI and still no period. This is my first try. 35 days since my last period. I have NEVER been this late. I was using progesterone suppositories but I stopped 6 days ago when I got the BFN. So you would think if that was delaying my period it would be out of my system by now. Is it possible that I could still get a BFP? I mean old school we used to wait 7-10 days after our period was supposed to start before we took a test....which means I have a few more days. But I thought today's test could sense HCG much earlier than they used to. I'm scared to get my hopes up as I already cried my heart out when I got the first BFN...

I had my IUI on 2nd October. I had cramps on 2nd , 3rd and 4th day post IUI and then nothing. 7th Day i had cramps again. After that i am feeling low, tired, frequently urinate, sore boobs- that i never had before. I am on progesterone supportive.My ref said to take blood test on 18th. But I was curious and Today ie 14 days post IUI i tried HPT. It should negative... i am left heart broken. Any advices

I had my IUI on Oct 2nd and since then I was suffering from leg cramps on and off. not sure if it has anything to do with IUI procedure. Today is my 15th day and the Dr. told me to take a test after 2 weeks. but my periods are not due until the 22nd...I don't know if should be testing now or wait till I miss my periods...any suggestions?

Hello MK..did u take a preg test and if yes, whats ur result. I had my IUI the same day as urs. Can't wait to take a test tmrw. good luck to u!

I had my 2nd IUI on Oct 16th & my period is late by 4 days now. Felt cramps & sure my af was going to start for the past 7 days. Took 2 tests 13 & 14th day post iui and bfn. I feel so weird, tired, starving and weepy same thing as with my pregnancy with DS. On Crinone but has never stopped AF from starting before. What cruel tricks my body is playing on me if I'm not prego! Going to take HCG Monday, missed appt yest bc it was freezing & didn't want to get up 2 hrs early before work to take test to hear bfn & ruin my weekend! So hoping for a bfp! Baby dust to all!

Had my iui on nov 25 after 14 days had my test but its neg, my period didnt came and had a white discharge, i dont wanna get a test again,,it diappointing.

Hi..this is my first time here. We have beeb ttc for 1.5 years nw. Had my first iui last month with no meds. I did an hsg also before iui in the same cycle. My lmp was on 19 nov. Iui was done on CD 21 with trigger shot on the same day.i have pcos in my right ovary and My doc had a hard time finding my left ovary .she said its unusually up high . My husband also has asthenozoospermia. Guys im 14 dpiui and i got a BFN on hpt. im so disapointed. Im supossed to do blood test alsl today. My af hasnt come yet..and i havnt experienced any significant symptoms othr than slight cramps. Im also on progesterone suppositeries. Im scared to death going for blood,test today..

I had my first IUI 9th of is 18 day but there is'nt any cramp or any symtom That indicate i am pregenet.
Plz pray for me also

A pregnancy test shld b done after 14th day followed by an ultrasound after 4-5 weeks

hello all , I had done with my 1st iui on 5th DEC ...I just take a home pregnancy test today but it shows negative...m on 1 yr ttc and really felt heart broken last period arrived on 26th Nov so its 5 days more to go....but I feel no any symptoms of pregnancy and I m also on progesterone supportive. what to do ..I feel very much frustrated...: (( plz suzzest...

I had my first iui on 29 Jan.
Today is my 14 day,yesterday i did a home urine hcg and it was po., I couldn't believe it so I did another one and it came out negative! ! So I did another one and it was pos.,the forth one came out negative, this was very confusing because my doctor didn't give me any hcg shots, I did hcg blood test today the one that says yes or no without messuring the hcg amount, and it was negative, my husband told me that we will wait 3 more days to do another blood test, I'm really sad and can't stop crying, I'm so disappointed, I feel so tired after 3 days of my iui and sleepy,I wish I am pregnant, I pray for myself and for you all out there,I will wait and do another blood test,my period suppose to come in 4 days, pray for me

Hi this is my first iui ttc for 2 years of no luck, today is my 12th day of iui I have lower abdomen pain ankles pain back pain runny nose like everything like pms im very scared about this my hubby, mla,my mother everyone waiting for good news but im very much of scared having white discharge also

Hi to all ur comments ...n It has filled me wid more hope...just want to Say to U positive Thats very important ...Nothing is impossible wid God... Just hv faith n believe in ur motherhood...

Hi all,
I had my 3rd IUI on April 10. Tested last night, at 12 days past ovolation, and it was negative. My boobs are no longer sore like earlier in the week. I've had a dull ache on my lower left overie. No signs of spotting but have been on progestrone for two weeks, which I've heard can delay your period.
My husband and I had a stillborn daughter 4 years ago. We've been trying for almost 3.5 years, as my husband had fertility issues. We want this so bad. Wondering if I should test again tomorrow?

I had iui with clomid/trigger shot 14 days ago . Took pregnancy test on day 12 BFN. They told me to take one on day 14 but am scared to be disappointed . I have been extremely nauseous and cramping, hoping AF doesn't show but unfortunately think it will arrive any day now:( We will try one more time , but so scared we will never get a BFP.

Had my 1st iui on 5.5.15.... after 5 days started feeling sore breast n cramps which is wierd. now I m 13 dpiui! M really worried as m having cramps n I feel like m having periods. :( dono wat to do! !??
can anyone help me

Thanks for sharing the story and congrats to BFP. Im 28yrs and had been on letrozone (clomit) for 5 months then Gonal-F and menopur for 2 months with trigger shot and this is my 2nd IUI. Today Im on 13dpiui and BFN (IUI on May 25).. so disappointed and not sure if I want to try again.. My period hasnt come yet but I have white discharge and few brown drop yesterday but nothing today yet... it has been 4yrs we got married and no kids...


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