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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Hello all here on this forum, I alike many of you have suffered through the sad reality of infertility.
Me: 31- Endometriosis/Bilateral blocked Tubes

Egg Retrieval- 3/4/2015- , retrieved 25 eggs, Fertilized 21 eggs, 19 Made it to Day #5, 11 Frost Babies.Outside of OHSS everything went well, Beacuse of OHSS, We Had to Freeze all.
Egg Transfer-4/16/2015- Transferred 2- 5 day High Quality Blastocysts.
So just a little advice to all of you ladies trying to Concieve, Try not to drive your self crazy!!! I tested on day 2 with First Response Pregnancy Test-BFN
Day 3- BFN
Day 4- Both digital and regular tests- BFN
Day 5-Both-BFN
Day 6- Both BFN
Day 7- Both BFN
Day #8 my last regular Test- BFP!!!!!!
Day 9- Beta HCG- 173
Feeling Great just really Tired!!!
Good luck to all the momies to be, Remember God will give you the desires of your Heart, Just keep the Faith! And BABY DUST to all~



That is so exciting! I had my ivf consult on Friday and I'm excited but confused and a little scared. So happy it worked first try for you. Would love to talk to you about the process. I'll have to freeze mine after retrieval due to genetic testing. Doc says it's worth it and the quality stays the same.

Thanks Everyone for your congrats! I am still trying to process the fact that I am actually Pregnant!

 I had my second Beta Yesterday at 12 days post 5day Transfer- 833!!!

My ultrasound is scheduled for 5/8/2015. I will be 6 weeks!!!

Shara, I can totally help you with any info you want to know about the process! 

Best of luck to everyone out there!


Hi Admommietobe
Congratulations. Just wanted to ask did you have sore boobs soon after et? Coz I don't even after 9dpet today. So I m bit puzzled whether to be positive or not.

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