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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP!!! 1st Round IVF with ICSI

I promised like many others I would post my BFP when and if it happened as this site gave me so much hope during my 2ww. Me (30) PCOS, some tubal blockage DH (36) Great swimmers :)))) Hubby and I had tried actively for over year before turning for help. We had 3 rounds failed clomid and HCG shot and two failed IUIs. Come to find out my OBGYN didn't offer me HSG test and if she had we wouldn't have gone thru so much before choosing ivf. My fertility doctor also said I didn't need to be on clomid either as I was fortunately ovulating on my own already. I simply had blockage. Frustrating, but at least we had answers. I can't say enough amazing things about our clinic and doctors for IVF though. Positivity every step of the way. That means so much when you go thru such an emotional time. We did Follistim and Menopur and responded well. We had 17 retrieved, 14 fertilized with ICSI(my clinic prefers this route with most patients, as it has higher outcomes for them), and 8 beautiful 5 day embryos! :))) We transferred two rock stars and froze 6 more. I didn't have many symptoms at first, but probably 4 to 5 days after I had a lot of twinges and they were very low and sharp. Some were painful and stopped me in my tracks. I called some vagina lightening bolts haha. Never experienced them before. My boobs also looked veinier than before, but that could have been progesterone supplements or estrogen so I didn't think much about it. I also remember having more discharge, but that could be supplements too. Those twinges though I knew were different as I had been on estrogen and progesterone with IUIs and never felt them. I ate pineapple core for first 4 days after transfer. Not sure of it helped but worth a shot. :) I also rested a lot! I only did bed rest first day, but I still remained lazy for next few days. I held off on POAS because I had been heartbroken by too many of those things and waited for blood test. We got a call it was negative and we were devasted, BUT for some reason(I believe God) I felt like peeing on a stick. I found one old one in cabinet and it immediately popped up two bright lines. I called clinic and they rushed me back in. They found out right after I gave second blood sample the lab had imputed someone else's number in mine. I was so happy I didn't even care about the mix up. So my piece of advice is if you get a no always double check, especially if you feel different. It was an overwhelming feeling I should just pee on it and this was after I had been told blood sample was a no. I hated those sticks so I know God was protecting my babies. I now want to frame that stick! Haha We just had our first US and found out we are having twins! It's still early but I have so much faith in God and these babies. I am not trying to push my beliefs on anyone but God is such comfort during times likes these. My faith and love for him, even in the darkest times has grown leaps and bounds. Even when I thought it was negative I praised him for the 6 frozen we had. Believe in Gods plan, trust in him, and when your miracle happens you will understand his timing and never ever take that miracle for granted. Praying for all you reading this board that are still waiting. "God gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm" :) Baby dust to all!


Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. Wish you and your babies a healthy pregnancy

Congratulations! Shame on your clinic for making you go through that though, but a very happy outcome in the end. Have a happy and healthy 9 months!

Very nice story enjoy your babies! God bless!

We are waiting on our test next week to see if we are going to get our positive in the stick! Having such a low day and feeling if period pains & after reading ur story it has made me feel so much better! Thank you for sharing your story xxx

Wow what an amazing story!! If i would have been at your place I would have never double checked. So well done for that and thankyou for sharing, i will keep this in mind double check everything. I am also a firm believer in god. Best of luck.

Congratulations..... You give me hope.... I'm 38 and DH is 43....married 20yrs....unexplained infertility..... First Ivf.... Transferred 2 day 5 blasts..... Froze 2.....i go in for beta tomorrow..... Very anxious, nervous..... What if'ing myself to near panic.... Have had af like cramps.... And I understand the Vagina lightening bolts..... I'm too nervous to poas.... Shall see what tomorrow brings...... I pray for a +...... Wants children so bad. Good luck to all you ladies....  Tracy

So happy for you... Thanks for your post... I hope god blesses us with a baby soon too xoxoxox

Thank you for your sweet words! They were exactly what I needed this morning!!

Congratulations! I had a similar mixup with a lab with my second pregnancy. Got a Bfp at home then went in to confirm it at a hospital lab. When i got the results the nurse told me it was negative. At first I was devastated and felt so stupid for getting too excited and started to cry as I walked away. Then something told me to turn around and go demand they test again, so I did. Turns out they mixed up my results with someone elses. Mine came up positive right away. That lil bean is now my four year old son. I'm currently ttc #4 And today I had the same vagina lightening bolts you are talking about! How many days past your proceedure were you? Im currently 5dpo and hope its a sign that im pg as well! Good luck with your pregnancy! And how exciting to be expecting twins! God bless

Hi dear, you don't know how much comfort I got after reading your story . Huge congrats for getting this ultimate joy we all in this group are craving for . I m also a true believer of The Almighty and at times of odd and situation of complete darkness when you seem to be alone fighting out you remember Him and He 's there with you. Anyway, I m in my fet 2ww process 6dpt 3dt.Had a chemical pregnancy last time in jan2013 after fresh IVF. this time I m feeling all the same as before period except that the cramps are bit sharp, intense and pointed . the pain subsided today and I m scared what happened now . having thousands of weird feelings I don't know how to explain. getting really tensed. each second seems to take thousand hours to pass . how will I continue to wait until 3rd Dec I think I m getting lunatic urgggggg !!!!!!!

There is not a lot a parent can do for an adult child who is struggling with infertility. I am writing to say that I found something that worked for our family, prayer to St. Jude, the patron St. of lost causes. I have been praying almost nonstop to St Jude and today my prayers were answered. My son and daughter in law received the news that they are pregnant. This prayer works. I will forever be grateful.

Thats very encouraging. God bless.

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