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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP 1st try IVF with ICSI after 2 years trying.

I have read every single one of these BFP stories over my years of trying and promised myself I would write one when my time came. So here goes! 1dp5dt- felt some twinges but was still sore and bloated from egg retrieval so could have been that. 2dp-3dp5dt- gassy and very tired 4dp5dt- first clear symptom was walking around in the grocery store and felt really cloudy and just really strange. I wasn't dizzy but my head felt fuzzy, told hubby I'm pregnant I know it and bought a bunch of tests. Got an extremely faint line on cheapie Walmart test. 5dp5dt- FRER in morning is BFP but it's a squinter, tried to eat a sandwich hubby made and it tasted like hair spray, not into meat at all picked the chicken out of my pasta at dinner. Very tired, sore boobs but on progesterone and estrogen supplements so that's could be the reason. 6dp5dt- stronger positive on morning test waking up feeling like I'm starving and last 3 days waking up at 6am and not being able to go back to sleep. Feeling sharp quick pains in lower belly under belly button especially after dinner. Today is 7dp5dt and line is darker today, first beta is this morning with a follow up 2 days later and then they call with results. I have to say I didn't really know any of these were symptoms until I got my BFP like everyone says I had more symptoms the months I got BFns. But we all know that's why we are here is to see the symptoms. lol I prayed and solicited prayers from all my friends and family and I felt really positive from the beginning of the treatment. We transferred one 5AA hatching blast and it worked. Stay faithful and positive and trust that God will fulfill his promises to you. Good luck!
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Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

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